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Halo Infinite’s new Spartan Points are your excuse to keep grinding

The new Halo Infinite Xbox update adds a brand-new in-game currency in the hope that you'll stick around after 343 fully winds down development.

Halo Infinite spartan points update: An image of a spartan in Halo Infinite Banished Honor update.

Halo Infinite studio 343 Industries might be moving onto pastures new, but support for the Xbox shooter continues. The latest Halo Infinite update launches the Banished Honor Operation, which brings fresh content and a 20-tier battle pass to chip away at. But if that’s enough grinding for you, then the addition of a new in-game currency is bound to keep you busy.

In the latest Halo Infinite patch notes, 343 introduces the first of its smaller-scale updates for the Xbox shooter. Following 343’s plans to move away from the FPS game, one way the studio hopes to keep you coming back for more is with Spartan Points. Earned by completing Daily or Ultimate Challenges and Operation pass progression, this new in-game currency “can be used in the new Exchange shop, which features a mix of previously available limited time offers (such as Event and Ultimate Challenge rewards) and new items.”

Furthermore, 343 indicates in the patch notes that “all items in the Exchange can only be acquired with Spartan Points.” In a move similar to Call of Duty store bundles, Exchange rewards that rotate out of the shop will be available to purchase separately in the multiplayer game’s customization menu, taking all the FOMO out of the equation. Halo Infinite’s progression has never been forgiving, as many of us experienced when it launched. However, rising through the ranks has improved with subsequent updates, and earning Spartan Points doesn’t appear to be the agonizing grind you may think it is.

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If you’re curious as to how many Spartan Points you can earn, here’s how 343 Industries breaks it down:

  • Daily Challenges: Complete a match of multiplayer matchmaking to receive 250 SP each day
  • Ultimate Challenges: After completing all available Weekly Challenges, the Ultimate Challenge will become available. Completing this Ultimate Challenge will reward 1,000 SP
  • New Operation Passes: Starting with this update, all Operation Passes will include 15,000 SP distributed throughout various reward tiers

Additionally, Spartan Points gained in the current Operation Pass can be carried between Operations too. However, you won’t find them implemented into previous passes. It feels like the kind of update that should have happened a year or so ago, rather than what seems like the final stretch of Halo Infinite’s life cycle. So, what’s next for one of the best Xbox game franchises?

Well, unfortunately we won’t be getting that awesome sounding battle royale game spin-off anytime soon – one of many new Halo game pitches that were scrapped. With Xbox exclusives like Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush heading over to other platforms, we’re still hopeful that maybe, just maybe, a Halo Infinite PS5 port might emerge one day. Or, you know, the Xbox gods could bless us with a Halo ODST sequel (please).

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