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Gotham Knights best Momentum Abilities for Batgirl

Get the details about the best Momentum Abilities for Batgirl in Gotham Knights to know which ones you should be using the most in the game

Gotham Knights Best Batgirl Abilities: Batgirl can be seen about to attack an enemy

Trying to decipher what the best Momentum Abilities for Batgirl are in Gotham Knights can be a hard task. There are a lot to pick from but only a few are really worth using consistently and spending your Momentum on. And, to help you out we have some suggestions of the best Momentum Abilities for Barbara below.

You will need to unlock some of these Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights in order to use them, but once you do you should get a better set of tools to help in combat.

Gotham Knights Best Momentum Abilities for Batgirl

The best Momentum Abilities for Batgirl in Gotham Knights are:

  • Batarang Barrage
  • Tonfa Jackhammer
  • Adrenaline Surge
  • Drone

Most of these will be unlocked as you complete the main story missions, but you will need to complete your Knighthood Challenges to get the Drone. These are our suggestions so you may find one or two that really suits you that isn’t on this list, but these are generally the best ones.

Gotham Knights Best Batgirl Abilities: Batgirl can be seen walking through a coridoor

Batarang Barrage Momentum Ability

Batarang Barrage isn’t an ability you want to be reliant on. But, its coverage of the area in front of you, power, and ability to pierce larger minibosses is great. It is not the most damage-dealing ability here, but it can really save you during a fight.

It can also allow you to leave enemies stunned and keep them away from you while you focus on attacking a miniboss or other priority target.

Tonfa Jackhammer Momentum Ability

Tonfa Jackhammer is probably the most powerful of Batgirl’s regular Momentum Abilities. It has a wide area of effect, dealing damage to almost anyone who is within a radius around you and can even kill a large number of enemies even when you reach the level cap.

In addition to that, it also knocks back enemies like minibosses who won’t die with a single use of it, so it really is a great ability to just have on standby consistently.

Gotham Knights Best Batgirl Abilities: Batgirl can be seen performing an attack



Adrenaline Surge Momentum Ability

Next up, we have Adrenaline Surge. This is more of a stat-buff than an active ability but increases Batgirl’s damage, critical chance, critical damage, defence, and elemental effect build-up for a full 12 seconds. Therefore, it is great when you know you are going to absolutely wail on a number of enemies.

It also induces fear in your enemies which keeps them off your back and on the floor, allowing you to focus on either healing, managing the group of enemies, or looking for an escape route.

Drone Momentum Ability

The final ability we suggest is Batgirl’s Drone ability. This is effectively her ultimate so it has a long cooldown. But, while lasting for 30 seconds it will not only heal you and your allies but damage enemies as well.

It effectively acts as another character and is able to deal a fair amount of damage as well. So, it is definitely worth choosing.

And, that covers our suggestions for the best Momentum Abilities for Batgirl in Gotham Knights. These abilities form the basis of combat in the game, so you really want to use them a lot and make sure you are spending your Momentum on the ones that matter and are actually powerful. For more on Batgirl, check out our best Batgirl build guide and our Gotham Knights walkthrough.