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Gotham Knights best Batgirl build

Get our suggestion for the best Batgirl build in Gotham Knights so you know how you should play as the character while fighting threats in the world

Gotham Knights best Batgirl build: Batgirl can be seen standing

Let’s be honest, Gotham Knights gives you far more loot than you can manage. But, in order to help you disseminate the good from the bad, we have put together what we think is the best Batgirl build in Gotham Knights.

This build focuses on the strength of Batgirl and the uncompromising damage output that makes her one of the strongest characters in the game. She was also the character we went for in our Gotham Knights review playthrough.

Gotham Knights best Batgirl build

As with all other character builds in the game, this is purely our suggestion but with this set of gear and abilities you will be able to not only manage large groups of enemies but also take on targets and deal a bunch of damage, thanks to elemental damage.

Shock And Stun – best Batgirl build

Here’s what our best Batgirl build for Gotham Knights includes:

  • Momentum Ability 1: Elemental Strike
  • Momentum Ability 2: Tonfa Jackhammer
  • Element: Bioelectric
  • Melee: Gold Tonfa
  • Ranged: Gold Batarang
  • Mod: Elemental Effect Buildup
  • Suit: Gold Armour
  • Best pair-up skills: Second Wind, Vigilante Resolve, Unflinching Heavy Strike, Heavyweight

As with all other builds, when it comes to your ranged weapon, melee weapon and suit, you will want Gold versions of them all. These are the strongest and the highest level rarity you can find for them all so once you reach max level you basically want to deck yourself out in gold as soon as you can.

As Batgirl focuses almost exclusively on melee combat (with her Batarangs being quite weak), we think the best element to run on her gear is Bioelectric. It has the ability to stun enemies easily and leave them vulnerable to big attacks.

It also is chainable and covers a wide area when using it so you are able to tag multiple enemies at once, especially with some of the abilities and skills we recommend.

Those two Momentum Abilities you want to make the most use of are Elemental Strike and Tonfa Jackhammer. Elemental Strike focuses on using that bioelectric damage to deal heavy hits to one enemy with a large punch. But, Tonfa Jackhammer excels at amping up Batgirl’s damage, with a large ground pound that sends enemies stumbling backwards.

A lot of Batgirl’s skills are quite good, especially when you pair them up with the abilities above focusing on melee damage. But, a few you want to grab as soon as you can are Heavyweight and Unflinching Heavy Strike.

The latter allows you to keep an attack prepped even if you get hit, with the former boosting how much your elemental effect builds up and your damage overall, which is great for a build so focused on that Bioelectric damage.

And, that is our best Batgirl build in Gotham Knights recommendation. She is the most familiar character to play in the game due to her moveset being the most similar to Batman in the Arkham games. But, the many deeper systems and gear here allow you to be more flexible with her. If you are looking for more tips for playing as one of the game’s characters, check out our Gotham Knights walkthrough for more!