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Zack Snyder’s Fortnite obsession has him chasing “sweet vics” at 3am

Love or loathe him, Zack Snyder’s massive Fortnite obsession needs to be studied as his love for victory royales reaches new heights.

Zack Snyder Fortnite: An image of Jonesy from Fortnite and Zack Snyder.

With the latest Rebel Moon movie now on Netflix, we’re truly back in the slow-motion trenches of Zack Snyder warfare. Yet, while furious online arguments debate the merit of the divisive filmmaker, Snyder is busy filling up his brief flashes of spare time with his ultimate gaming obsession: Fortnite. Judging by his remarks in a recent interview, his love of Epic Games’ PlayStation and Xbox battle royale titan is clearly reaching new heights.

In anew Happy Sad Confused podcast, Snyder takes a moment to acknowledge one of the best games currently sitting on his dashboard. Snyder’s favorite game is Fortnite, as the Justice League filmmaker explains “I would have told you [before] like ‘that stupid game, I don’t want anything to do with that. Are you serious?’” But the charm of flossing on enemies and devouring a Chug Jug is proving to be too potent for Snyder. These days, Snyder is “just jonesing for the W’s like crazy. I want those wins. Those sweet vics.”

Aren’t we all, Zack? While he might be, you know, “jonesing” for that sweet dub, Snyder’s obsession with one of the best battle royale games might be on the back burner. With such action-packed movies like Army of the Dead and 300 in his filmography, you probably wouldn’t expect Snyder to find solace in the art of pottery. However, the one thing he can’t sculpt is an excuse to play Fortnite past his bedtime. “My wife got mad at me […] she was like, ‘would you go back to your pottery, and put the fucking controller down?’” Snyder jokes.

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For now, it looks like Snyder is putting his Fortnite career on hold, at least until he adapts the ever-popular multiplayer game into a movie. Last year, Snyder revealed to Etalk that alongside getting Rebel Moon skins into Fortnite, he’d be interested in creating a Fortnite movie. Should the opportunity to bring speed ramping and ripped physiques to Fortnite’s shores appear, Snyder explained: “Fortnite is an amazing world […] you definitely don’t know. You definitely can never say never. That’s my mantra in this business.”

There are too many stones left unturned, though. Has Snyder hopped into Fortnite Festival? Will he return for the debut of Fortnite’s long-awaited FPS game mode? One thing we do know is that at least for a short while, Snyder was getting sturdy with his favorite skin, and no it isn’t one of the many Fortnite Peely skins. Back when his love for Fortnite began, Snyder told IGN that “I was [Mr.] Meeseeks from Rick and Morty.” However, you’ll only catch the director in Zero Build mode.

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