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Fortnite Marvel skins return amid calls for DC comics content and more

Marvel skin bundles return to Fortnite once again, but with such a rich roster of characters in the Epic Games battle royale, its time for some new DC bundles.

The Marvel skin bundles in the Fortnite store

Whether you’ve hit the griddy as Thanos or dabbed as Daredevil, Fortnite Marvel skins just hit a little bit differently. Or at least they used to, as some members of the Fortnite community are eager for Epic Games to temporarily leave Marvel behind. With the Fortnite Marvel skin bundles dropping into the store once more, Fortnite players are ready for DC Comics and more to get their time to shine.

It’s a special time for Fortnite players jumping to Chapter 4 Season 1. Fortnite lore is getting tasty, with the return of The Seven potentially on the cards. The Fortnite Falcon Scout drone is making revives easier than ever. They’ve even taken a page of out of Call of Duty’s book, with all Fortnite Augments making battles a tense affair. However, the cherry on top of a good Fortnite gunfight is utilising your favourite skin too.

The roster of characters in Fortnite grows every week, but one collaboration that continues to reappear in the shop is Marvel skin bundles. Beginning with Black Widow in April 2019, an array of classic and MCU-inspired skins have emerged since. However, as IP collaborations lean towards inclusion on the Battle Pass, Fortnite players are hoping Epic Games can reinstate a variety of fan-favourite franchises.

Redditor ‘Dork_VaderYT’ expresses their dissatisfaction on the game’s subreddit: “Didn’t we have Marvel items 2 weeks ago? 20 pages of this. What do you guys think of the cow that is Marvel, and the farmer that is Fortnite?” The sizeable collection of Marvel skins has appeared in the skin several times in the build to December 2022.

Didn’t we have Marvel items 2 weeks ago? 20 pages of this. What do you guys think of the cow that is Marvel, and the farmer that is Fortnite? from FortNiteBR

The Ant-Man 3 release date is on the horizon, so it is likely that the Fortnite store will be adorned with these Marvel skins again. New bundles for the forthcoming movie are unconfirmed, but other players want to see Marvel’s greatest rival more frequently in the store: DC Comics. Fellow Fortnite player ‘Umbriel-B‘ says that they “want new DC characters like Green Lantern or Nightwing/Robin. There are so many good ones that they just skipped in favour of mediocre ones like Beast Boy.”

However, in the wake of James Gunn’s plans for DC Studios, the player claims “considering what a mess DC has been in most other departments I’m not really surprised.” Iconic DC Comics characters like Superman, Batman and The Flash have all featured in the game. Though many may have missed out on Superman, as he was a Battle Pass exclusive skin.

Nonetheless, calls for other famous characters like “Aloy, Kratos, or Master Chief” are fervent, but Redditor ‘CaptainCobraBubbles’ has one simple demand: “Give. Me. Chun. Li.”

Moments like the Street Fighter 6 release date are set to arrive in 2023, as the Capcom fighter joins our list of all upcoming PS5 games for 2023 and beyond. So, it is possible that Chun-Li will be back in the store. Moreover, as the Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League release date gets closer, the opportunity for some fresh DC skins is ripe.

But until then, make sure you’re aware of how to unlock and get Geralt of Rivia in Fortnite, who marks one of the most exciting crossovers yet.