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All Fortnite Augments available now

Fortnite Chapter 4 brings a new perk system to spice up each match. Here’s the full list of Fortnite Augments you can use that are available now

Fortnite Augments: Inferno looking towards the camera in Fortnite Chapter 4 trailer

Fortnite Chapter 4 might be the biggest change for the game since it launched, bringing new content and a new map. However, one of the biggest switch-ups for the game is the introduction of Fortnite Augments, which allow you to get random perks in each match that can mean the difference between winning and losing.

While many players will be excited to start opening up some Fortnite Oathbound Chests, they shouldn’t forget about these exciting perks. Before we go onto the full list of perks, we recommend finding out how to activate Fortnite Augments in each match, as these make Fortnite one of the best Battle Royale games right now.

All Fortnite Augments available

Here’s every single Fortnite Augment currently available and what they offer:

  • Light Fingers: Any weapon using Light Ammo reloads faster
  • Mechanical Archer: Instantly gives you a Mechanical
  • Explosive Bow and Mechanical Shockwave Bow
  • Aerialist: Allows you to redeploy your glider for the rest of the match
  • Supercharged: Vehicles you use won’t consume fuel and they have increased health
  • Soaring Sprints: When sprinting, you can jump much higher and with a low gravity effect
  • Bush Warrior: You regenerate partial shields and health while hiding in large foliage
  • Chug Gunner: Receive a Chug Cannon
  • Forecast: For the remainder of the match, you’ll always see the next storm circle
  • Bloodhound: Enemies hit by your bow or marksman rifle shots are marked for a brief duration
  • Bow Specialist: Bows draw and reload faster, and your arrows regenerate over time
  • Demolition Munitions: Objects that you destroy have a chance to drop explosives, excluding player-built structures
  • Danger Hero: Briefly regenerate health and increase movement speed when shield breaks
  • Jelly Angler: Instantly receive a Fishing Rod. You can fish anywhere with it, but it will only catch Jellyfish
  • More Parkour: Your energy regenerates briefly after mantling or hurdling
  • Splash Medic: You have a chance to find Chug Splash in every container you open
  • Party Time: Gain Balloons over time
  • Peely’s Plunder: Gives you a Treasure Map which leads to buried treasure
  • Pistol Amp: Pistols have greatly increased magazine size
  • Rarity Check: Gain siphon on eliminations when using a common or uncommon weapon
  • Storm Mark: When the storm changes, ping the area to highlight and mark nearby enemies for a short duration
  • Rifle Recycle: Weapons that use Medium Ammo have a chance to not consume ammo
  • Shotgun Striker: Shotgun gives siphon when landing hits on players
  • Tactical Armoury: Instantly gives you a Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun
  • Tricked Out: Entering a car or a truck applies Cow Catchers and Chonkers to it
  • Zero Chance: Gives you the Zero Point effect when you break an enemy’s shield

Some of these won’t be available to you instantly. Instead, you’ll need to be lucky and receive a new Augment whenever they pop up to unlock them, making them more likely to appear in future matches. You can find all of the Augments you’ve unlocked by heading to the Quests screen and going to the Augments tab.

Fortnite new Augments

Some new Augments have arrived with the latest update. Here are all of the Fortnite new Augments to test out in your next match:

  • Keymaster: Grants two keys for opening Holo-Chests
  • Last Shots: The last two bullets in your pistol’s magazines deal bonus damage
  • Exotic Grab Bag: Receive a random Exotic weapon
  • Sniper Surplus: Snipers can hold one extra bullet per magazine

Fortnite Augments: The Ageless in armour holding an Ex-Caliber Rifle

Those aren’t the only Augments in Fortnite, as more have leaked and could come to the game in future content updates. Here is the full list of currently leaked Augments in Fortnite.

Leaked Fortnite Augments

Here are all the leaked Fortnite Augments that have emerged so far:

  • Midas Touch: Gives 40 AR Ammo once as well as Gold every time you eliminate a player or an AI
  • Hunter Gather: Spawns a Bush, Apples, and Mushrooms whenever you eliminate someones, as well as cycling between Spicy Soda, Low Gravity, and Energy Regen effects
  • Deft Hands: Auto Reloads a specific unknown weapon every second, even if you switch away (the weapon is very specific, and Epic Games has not released it yet)
  • Icy Slide: Icy Feet effect for seven seconds
  • RiftJector Seat: Auto-Rifts you when your Shields break, with a 40 second cooldown
  • Shadow Strike: Instantly gives a Shadow Bomb

These Augments come from a reliable Fortnite leaker on Twitter called HYPEX. It’s likely these will come to the game in the near future, but take them with a grain of salt in case Epic Games makes a change or removes them from the files.

That’s the full list of all Fortnite Augments currently in the game, whether live or just in the files. Before dropping into your next match, make sure to find out the best Fortnite landing spots so you can get the best chance of winning. Alternatively, you could always try the new Fortnite Hot Spots system if you’re looking for great loot and populated POIs.