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Fortnite might be teasing return of The Seven with this sneaky secret

Fortnite fans have spotted a strange constellation of seven stars in the sky above spawn island and they're convinced it's a sign The Seven are coming back.

Fortnite The Seven return secret teaser: an image of Brie Larson as The Paradigm in the battle royale shooter

We know the next major Fortnite update from Epic Games, which will see an end to Chapter Four Season One, isn’t here just yet, but that hasn’t stopped this battle royale shooter’s fans from speculating what’s to come. Of course, some of these are a little wilder than others. However, there’s always a diamond in the rough – and the latest Fortnite update added a sparkle to the sky that can’t be ignored. When you’re on Fortnite’s spawn island – the starter island before every game – you’ll notive seven “stars” grouped together in the sky. Now, The Loadout isn’t a betting news outlet, but if we were, we’d hazard a guess that this means The Seven are coming back.

If you’re something of a Fortnite veteran, you’ll be well aware that The Herald’s strange chrome killed off The Seven, bar Brie Larson’s Paradigm, at the start of Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four. So, while she was present during the battle against The Herald and the resulting destruction (and reformation) of Fortnite Island at the end of Chapter Three, we haven’t really seen The Seven as we know them for some time.

But, that could very well be about to change. Why? Well, as per this screenshot from avid Fortnite fan ‘jrdnkasparek‘, something suspicious is going on in the skies above the reformed Fortnite Island – and we agree that it could signpost the return of The Seven.

As you can see for yourself below, it’s clear that this isn’t exactly an ordinary constellation of stars. In fact, calling these strange glowing lights stars might be a bit inaccurate when you compare them to the faint glimmers of starlight in the sky around them. These seven lights are standing out; they’re not quite as easily visible as they could be, sure, but they’re far from hidden.

7 stars grouped together can be seen off starter island. Could it be the Seven? from FortNiteBR

Now, we know this is far from confirmation that The Seven are back, but it doesn’t sound that farfetched either. Epic Games is no stranger to environmental storytelling and, with the star power assembled to portray The Seven and their impotance to the longer narrative being told, it would make sense to see them return in some capacity.

However, there’s nothing to say this will be the Seven we know – the group swallowed by Chrome all those months ago might be gone. You can see that for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

One interesting theory that’s popped up in the comments of the aforementioned Reddit thread is that The Seven that arrive – as signposted by these strange stars – will be corrupt. With world-ending events seemingly a regular occurence for Agent Jones and the rest of Fortnite Island, having the game’s greatest heroes return as villains could be the twist the battle royale’s narrative needs to stay somewhat fresh.

But, ultimately, this is all speculation and it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games out there right now and Epic Games is always pushing to introduce new mechanics and features. So, while we’re checking out the best Fortnite landing spots for this season, we’ll keep our eyes on the skies for more clues about the future.