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This new Fortnite Lego leak sounds like absolute brick-mania

New Fortnite leaks reveal what Epic Games allegedly has planned for the long rumored Fortnite Lego crossover, and it sounds pretty great.

Fortnite Lego leaks rumors november 2023

We’ve got good news for fans of Lego and Fortnite. It seems that the world of plastic bricks and chug jugs is about to collide in a major way, as fresh leaks reveal what developer Epic Games is supposedly planning for the rumored Fortnite Lego crossover. So, whether you’re on Xbox or PS5, put your shoes on, because you don’t want to be caught stepping on any rogue pieces in this possible update.

Following the enormous success of Fortnite OG, Epic Games is eyeing up another cunning plan to dazzle players in one of the best battle royale games on PS5 and Xbox. According to consistently prolific leaker ‘HYPEX’, the Fortnite Lego crossover will arrive in the game on Thursday, December 7, 2023. It’ll be an interesting time for the game, as we’re still in the middle of Fortnite OG, which continues to resurrect older seasonal content like divisive weapons and familiar vehicles.

Looking at HYPEX’s leak, it appears that Lego crossover will completely take over the map in some form, as a dedicated Creative Mode playlist is in the works. Rumored items include a “Lego Stud Gun, Workbenches, Beds, Fences, Catapults (and Prankster Catapults), Map Markers, Ziplines, Trinkets (Buff Gear / Potions).” Fans of the best Fortnite Creative maps will likely be pleased, as the crossover will allegedly bring its own RPG-like elements, such as an “HP System” and “Energy System.”

Fortnite Lego crossover leaks rumors

Vendors will appear around the map to furnish you with items, many of which can be purportedly used for crafting and storing away in your inventory. You’ll be bringing these items to camps, where you can sleep, and apparently “vote” to sleep too. We’re curious to see what debates emerge out of that choice. For of those you that like to emote frequently in the game, then HYPEX has you covered, as the leak claims that several new Lego specific emotes will be useable purely in the Creative Mode playlist. These include the following:

  • Sad
  • Surprised
  • Worried
  • Excited
  • Disgusted
  • Bored
  • Angry
  • Afraid
  • Laughing (Default, Subdued & Extreme)
  • Greeting (Default, Bored, Excited)
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Hopefully the mode will manifest itself inside Zero Build and other playlists too, as it’d be a shame to confine the imaginative aspect of Lego purely to one mode. While Fortnite often collaborates with brands/studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, and Marvel Studios, crossovers with toy giants like Lego are quite rare for the Epic Games battle royale.

Aside from Lego, Hasbro has allowed characters from the G.I Joe and Transformers franchises to be present in-game. Whether Epic Games will include any Lego style skin bundles is unclear, but if they’re height accurate, the hit boxes will be hilarious. And frustrating.

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