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Fortnite ICON Series debuts new Lewis Hamilton skin bundle

Epic Games introduces a new Fortnite ICON Series skin in the form of Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, arriving in Fortnite OG.

Fortnite ICON Series Lewis Hamilton skin

The Fortnite ICON Series is reserved for pop culture sensations, celebrities, and musicians, making it highly coveted to become a part of. We’ve seen the likes of Ariana Grande and Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson drop into Fortnite in the past, and now, Epic Games is ready to add a new addition to the game. Put your pedal to the metal, because Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton is your latest addition to the ICON Series.

Fans of the best racing games around, like F1 23, are going to love the latest Fortnite ICON Series collaboration, that’s for sure. From Friday, November 17, 2023, Fortnite players can head over to the game’s in-game item store and pick up the Lewis Hamilton bundle, which includes two different variants of the record-breaking F1 racer. Naturally, we’ve got a stylish version of Hamilton to run around the island as, complete with some slick sunglasses.

But if you’re looking for something completely wild, then the very futuristic looking version of Hamilton should scratch that itch for you. We haven’t even mentioned the best part of this Fortnite ICON Series bundle yet, though. Alongside Hamilton, you’ll get a back bling featuring his favorite canine friend, Roscoe the Bulldog. He even sits on Hamilton’s glider, which oddly enough isn’t an F1 car or vehicle associated with the driver. So sadly, you won’t be using his Mercedes W13 F1 car in one of the best battle royale games out there.

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Nope, instead you can glide around on a surfboard that has Roscoe sat upfront and center. The lack of Hamilton’s F1 team vehicle, or anything from his career, is a little a strange.

Other Fortnite ICON Series packs in the past have honored the career’s of their featured star in some way, with The Kid LAROI’s bundle including his music in both emotes and as lobby screen jingles too. It’s a shame, but nevertheless, seeing Hamilton arrive in the game is definitely a fascinating move after his appearance in FIFA 22. And his character model looks decidedly better, too.

Fortnite Lewis Hamilton skin

Is Lewis Hamilton hitting the griddy and building structures with immense speed in his spare time? Who knows, but we’re sure savvy players will use his skin bundle to flex on others soon after release. Like other bundles in the Fortnite ICON Series, we expect this bundle to cost at least 2,400 V-Bucks. You’ll be to use his skin in Fortnite OG, which recently unvaults items like the Quadcrusher and Driftboard.