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Fortnite OG unvaults this Season 7 item after 5 years of inactivity

The Fortnite Driftboard returns after 5 years of absence from the Epic Games battle royale, as Fortnite OG unvaults this item and more.

Fortnite OG update unvault items driftboard

Epic Games introduces Fortnite new items with each seasonal update, and though not all of them are massive hits, some become legendary. We’re still yearning for the Spider-Man webs to return again, but in lieu of those great times, we’re pleased to say that Fortnite OG is calling upon on classic items that have been absent for 5 years. One of which is the Fortnite Driftboard, not to be confused with the Fortnite Hoverboard, and players can harness its slick movement right now.

Fortnite Season 7 originally debuted in December 2018, bringing the Driftboard into the fray, and its solid reputation has remained within the Fortnite community ever since. Undoubtedly similar to the Hoverboard, the latter is known as an exclusive for Fortnite’s Save The World mode. Now, with an incredible rise amid the Fortnite OG player count, Epic Games is doing away with POIs like Loot Lake as another monumental update occurs within the game.

This is inline with this season’s theme of travelling through time, exploring familiar eras of one of the best battle royale games around, until we eventually arrive back in the present day of Fortnite lore. According to the official description for the latest changes in Fortnite OG, Epic Games clarifies that “weapons [return] that were in Season 6. Also [we] have delights with the Driftboard, Double Barrel Shotgun, Quadcrasher, and more.”

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It may seem strange that Epic Games is bundling together weapons and items from different seasons, especially for those returning to the game after so long. We’re sure you’ve been enjoying a new-found appreciation for the original map, given that Epic Games has retained more recent improvements like mantling and sliding within the Fortnite move set.

If the developer is continuing this trend of revisiting nostalgic periods of Fortnite history over the next few weeks, we’d love to see them restore some rare bundles like the Wolverine bundle from Chapter 2 Season 4. The Marvel themed bundle is amid the rarest in the game, and it feels like a perfect time to bring it back amid the hype for Insomniac Games’ take on the character after the success of Spider-Man 2. We’ve already seen some older bundles return to Fortnite OG, such as the Stranger Things bundles for Eleven and Chief Hopper, respectively.

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However, with the recent Fortnite V-Bucks price increase, we recommend choosing your next purchases wisely. Either way, Fortnite OG represents why the game is one of the best multiplayer games around, and we can only hope the next major seasonal update is this good.