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Fortnite’s Quadcrasher is back but not as you remember it

The Fortnite Quadcrasher returns in Fortnite OG, but the popular vehicle might be as you remember it in the Epic Games battle royale.

Fortnite OG quadcrasher

Cruising around the island in Fortnite can be done in a variety of ways, but we look back on our time with the Fortnite Quadcrasher fondly. Now, with Fortnite OG restoring several classic elements of the Epic Games battle royale, the Quadcrasher makes a grand return. However, if you’re riding around Fatal Fields or Tilted Towers, something about it may feel off. And you’re not alone in thinking that.

Though our time with the Quadcrasher so far has been a blast in Fortnite, it seems the game’s transition to Unreal Engine 5 is having an adverse effect on players using the fan-favorite vehicle. “The Quadcrasher’s entire purpose was to smash through buildings and be able to boost for long periods of time, and now the Quadcrasher can’t even break structures [properly],” vents ‘Orphanmaker8842’ on the game’s subreddit.

Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games around, and it is updates like Fortnite OG that show off the game’s creativity. However, many of us will likely look back on early seasonal updates with rose-tinted glasses. Packed with 400 HP to survive long journeys, the player argues that “this is NOT the Quadcrasher I remember” within the latest update.

However, not only does the Quadcrasher return, but it also 650 HP this time around to content with. This does appear to be at the cost of other features and exploits, as players can longer utilize the Quadcrasher’s once famous ability to ‘fly’ through the sky. We speculate that the health increase to accommodate Fortnite’s myriad of weaponry tweaks, as the original set of guns pack a hefty punch in comparison to recent seasonal updates.

Despite this, Fortnite OG continues to be a trip down memory lane, and unvaulting items like the Fortnite Driftboard and the Quadcrasher sets up all manner of fun gameplay opportunities. At least in theory. ‘NateOrb’ cites the game’s reliance on Unreal Engine 5 as a divisive element, adding that “all old vehicles has been awful since they updated the physics engine […]  it is still definitely terrible compared to how they worked originally.”

Why is the quadcrasher so bad now?
byu/Orphanmaker8842 inFortNiteBR

It is a shame that flying is off the table for the Quadcrasher, but with Fortnite OG aiming to consistently add and remove familiar items every week across the new season, it isn’t too detrimental. If anything, we’re still waiting for Epic Games to introduce features like the rumored Fortnite FPS mode and skateboards. You can jump into one of the best multiplayer games right now, which we recommend doing before Fortnite removes the original map once and for all (again).