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Forspoken how to upgrade gear

Frey’s gear can be good at its basic value, but learning how to upgrade in Forspoken can make you stronger when you come up against the Break.

Forspoken how to upgrade gear: Tanta Sila in Forspoken

Magic isn’t the only thing Frey can get her hands on, as plenty of gear can be found in Athia. While most of it will be fine to throw on and use, finding out how to upgrade gear in Forspoken will help you when you eventually have the resources and safety to do it.

Forspoken’s open world of Athia is a very dangerous place and while the Forspoken magic and spells will be enough to take on the Tantas, it won’t be enough in the long run. So, as you prepare for your next trip out of Cipal and into the various regions of Athia, here’s how you can put those resources to good use and upgrade necklaces and your cloaks in Forspoken.

Forspoken how to upgrade gear

Gear, also known as cloaks and necklaces in Forspoken, can be upgraded by heading to a workbench in a Refuge, scattered around Athia, or by setting up a campfire. Upgrades vary in cost, depending on the equipment and stats you want to upgrade.

Early in the game, you can only upgrade the stats on the equipment that are already there (for example, you may only be able to upgrade health, or purple magic). The upgrade screen will let you know how much each level of upgrade costs, as well as how many resources you have available.

If none of the gear you have catches your eye, you can always go ahead and find Forspoken cloaks, nails, and necklaces to help you take on the Break in Athia. However, you should now be on the right path to becoming stronger.

That’s how to upgrade gear in Forspoken. You’re one step closer to taking on the most difficult Break creatures and Tantas out there. Make sure to check the next mission on your list with our Forspoken chapters guide, and check out our how long to beat Forspoken guide to see how much of the game you have left to complete.