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Is Forspoken open world?

Frey’s journey in Forspoken takes her from the streets of New York to the fantasy world of Athia - here’s whether Forspoken is open world or not

Is Forspoken open world: Frey casting fire magic in Forspoken

Plenty of games feature open lands of freedom for players to explore and complete side objectives in their own way, but is Forspoken open world? The upcoming game from Square Enix is set to arrive soon, and if you’re hoping to find out if you can traverse Athia at your own pace, you’ve come to the right place.

Before the Forspoken release date arrives and the game hits digital platforms and store shelves, you should also check out the Forspoken voice actors and cast list to see if there are any familiar faces behind the characters you’ll be meeting in Athia. Otherwise, if you’re wondering if Forspoken will be the next open world game to play, look no further.

Is Forspoken open world?

Yes, Forspoken is an open world game. As we saw in the Forspoken demo, there are plenty of side quests and content to tackle alongside the main story, which will see players traverse the world of Athia to their heart’s content.

Frey’s magical abilities don’t stop at just combat, as she can also travel across the map with magic parkour, which certainly sounds and looks pretty fun. Not only is the game open world, but the Forspoken length is around 30-40 hours, excluding side content, so it should be a fairly long game to sink your teeth into.

There you have it, you now know that Forspoken is in fact, an open world game. Whether or not you still like the sound of the game, you can always check out the best PS5 RPGs to pass the time, or find something different.