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Forspoken cast and voice actors

When you’re travelling through Athia as Frey, you’ll meet plenty of people. Here’s the Forspoken cast and voice actors behind these characters.

Forspoken cast and voice actors: Frey using magic in demo announcement trailer

You’re likely sold on the magical parkour as much as we are, but you may have some questions about the game still, like who is in the Forspoken cast and voice actors list. Between throwing spells out to deal with enemies, you’ll be meeting a wide range of Forspoken characters in the world of Athia.

There’s been quite a few trailers for the game, as well as a Forspoken demo to help you see whether the game will be one to add to your wishlist. Before the Forspoken release date comes around though, you’ll want to find out who the voice is behind some of the characters in this new IP.

Forspoken cast and voice actors

Before you enter the magical world of Athia, here’s the full Forspoken cast and voice actors list of the characters you’ll be meeting in your journey:

  • Ella Balinska as Frey Holland – As seen in Resident Evil (TV Series), Run Sweetheart Run (movie)
  • Jonathan Cake as Cuff – As seen in First Knight (movie), Chuck (TV Series)
  • Monica Barbaro as Auden Keen – As seen in Top Gun: Maverick (movie), UnREAL (TV Series)
  • Anthony Skordi as Robian Keen – As seen in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (videogame), Mass Effect 3 (videogame)
  • Tajinae Turner as Olevia Liette – As seen in 9-1-1 (TV Series), Meet the Voxels (TV Series)
  • Keala Settle as Johedy Kladivo – As seen in The Greatest Showman (movie), All My Life (movie)
  • Janina Gavankar as Tanta Sila – As seen in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (videogame), The Morning Show (TV Series)
  • Pollyanna McIntosh as Tanta Prav – As seen in The Walking Dead (TV Series), Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series)
  • Claudia Black as Tanta Olas – As seen in Farscape (TV Series), Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (videogame)
  • Kendal Rae as Tanta Cinta –  As seen in Neighbours (TV Series), Life (movie)

We’ll be updating this article as and when we find out the voices behind the rest of the characters. For now, we’ll prepare ourselves to do some hardcore (magical) parkour.

That’s the full list of the Forspoken cast and voice actors that we know about right now. There isn’t long until we can play the game, so for the time being, make sure to play the best PS5 RPGs for similar experiences, or you could even play any of the games on PS Plus Extra and Premium games list while you wait.