How long will it take to beat Forspoken?

If you're excited for Square Enix's new fantasy action game, then you might be wondering the length of Forspoken - here's how long it will take to beat the game

forspoken how long beat main character on fire

Forspoken is the next role-playing action game from Square Enix. It’s has a giant open-world fantasy setting, with supernatural powers and creatures to boot. But, how long will it take to beat Forspoken?

A game of this size, that allows you to explore its vast world and complete side quests as well as story missions, will likely take a long time to complete. Games like Forspoken are probably best viewed as experiences that you dedicate a large chunk of time to, rather than being bite-sized morsels of gaming goodness.

So, how long will it take to beat Forspoken then? With that in mind, you’ll find everything we know about the game’s length below.

How long will it take to beat Forspoken?

Forspoken’s story should take players approximately 30 to 40 hours to complete. Note that this does not include any side content or quests, which could theoretically double this number for those who want to take their time when playing the game or completionists who want to seek out every last collectible.

This information comes from the NESbot Twitter account, which retweet a now-deleted ResetEra thread that leaked information regarding how long it would take to beat the new action game coming from Square Enix.

That’s all we know about how long it will take to beat Forspoken. To read more information about the Forspoken release date, story, and gameplay, then check out our guide on the topic. If you’re looking for games to play while you wait, why not read our best PS5 games list?