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Forspoken characters - every key person in Athia

This guide will go over all the core Forspoken characters you will meet as Frey in your time in Athia as you are exploring the world

Forspoken Characters: Tanta Sila can be seen

Forspoken’s characters have got a lot of discussion for a number of reasons, but each of them will play an important role as you are exploring the world of Athia. But, who are each of these Forspoken characters and what role do they play in the game’s story?

Below you can find an overview of Frey and the Cuff who you will accompany for the journey, as well as the Tantas, who are the main group of foes in the game. So if you want to get familiar with everyone read on below. Our guide on the Forspoken cast and voice actors will also let you know who plays everyone.

Forspoken characters

These are all the key Forspoken characters in the game:

  • Frey Holland
  • Cuff
  • Auden Keen
  • Robian Keen
  • Tanta Sila
  • Tanta Prav
  • Tanta Olas
  • Tanta Cinta

Forspoken Characters: Frey can be seen

Frey Holland

Frey Holland is the protagonist of Forspoken and is a woman from New York City. Early on, she is transported to the mystical world of Athia that has become threatened by the Break. Immune to the Break, she is tasked with saving the land.

Forspoken Characters: The Cuff can be seen


The Cuff is tied to Frey and is a magical object in Athia of an unknown origin. The cuff helps Frey navigate through the world and landscape.

Forspoken characters: Auden Keen in Forspoken

Auden Keen

An Athian, stuck behind the walls of Cipal, Auden is a healer of the people. She is the daughter of Robian Keen, who studied the Break after it started corrupting Athia. She’s a close friend to Frey, and offers her assistance in her adventure.

Forspoken characters: Robian Keen in Forspoken

Robian Keen

Father of Auden, Robian spent his time studying the Break after the corruption started spreading. He was presumed dead, until Frey found him alive, albeit partially changed by the Break. He was a trusted ally to Tanta Cinta.

Forspoken Characters: Tanta Sila can be seen

Tanta Sila

Tanta Sila is known as the Tanta of Strength and the strongest Tanta in Athia. She commands the Athian troops to protect the land threats and in the wake of the Break has become a dictator, mad with power.

Forspoken Characters: Tanta Prav can be seen

Tanta Prav

Tanta Prav is the Tanta of Justice and administered the justice system of Athia before the Break arrived. She is now a fierce ruler with a warped sense of justice.

Forspoken characters: Tanta Olas in Forspoken

Tanta Olas

Known as the ‘Tanta of Wisdom’, Tanta Olas controls the region of Visoria. She can cast incredibly complex illusions, using her magic that is almost electric in nature.

Forspoken characters: Tanta Cinta in Forspoken

Tanta Cinta

Known by many as the ‘Tanta of Love’, Tanta Cinta is one of the four Tantas across the world of Athia. Unlike the rest of the Tantas, her whereabouts are unknown, although she is believed to be in the region of Junoon.

That covers all the Forspoken characters you can expect to see as you explore Athia. While the Tantas may provide a threat at least you will have the Cuff beside you, even if it talks a little too much for your tastes. For more on the game, be sure to check out the Forspoken length and how long to beat to see how long it will take you to meet everyone and take down the Tantas.