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Forspoken cloaks, nails, necklaces - gear and loot guide

Frey has a variety of equipment she can use to help her on her fight against the Break with a range of Forspoken cloaks, nails, and necklaces to use.

Forspoken cloaks, nails and necklaces: Frey hugging Olevia in Forspoken

Magic isn’t the only thing Frey can use in Forspoken – in fact, during her time in Athia, she can make use of Forspoken cloaks, nails and necklaces which all offer some great boosts to her power. Scattered across Athia, these pieces of gear can mean the difference between succumbing to the Break, or defeating it.

Most of these pieces of gear can help boost Frey’s Forspoken magic and spells, however, some do help Frey herself by giving her extra health recovery, a radius of damage when dealing killing blows, or more. It’s certainly worth finding these pieces in the open world of Forspoken.

Forspoken gear and loot guide

Gear in Forspoken is split into three types; cloaks, nails, and necklaces. Each of them can be found across the world of Athia, mainly in side activities (called Detours in game). Here’s a breakdown of each of these gear types below:

Forspoken cloaks

Cloaks are the main piece of equipment you’ll be using during your time fighting the Break. These signature pieces of garment in Athia are upgradeable, and can offer a range of stat boosts.

You can find these in side activities, such as defeating enemies in a certain location. These areas will tell you on the map if it offers a cloak as a reward.

Forspoken nails

Each hand can have a set of stat-boosting nails. Some nails can help Frey’s magic deal more damage, while some may give you small bonuses when certain situations are bet (eg. support spells deal more damage when Frey’s surge ability is full).

Similarly to cloaks, nails can be found across a variety of side activities. However, you’ll also need to find Breakshards to craft each set. These Breakshards drop from anything such as enemies, quests, and more.

Forspoken necklaces

Necklaces are the same as cloaks, in that they can be upgraded using resources and can be found in locations across Athia. The game will mark activities that offer necklaces as rewards.

They’re not as important as cloaks, but having an extra piece of equipment never hurt anyone, and can make a difference in some major fights.

That’s everything you need to know about Forspoken cloaks, nails, and necklaces. Now, you can go on the hunt and find some of these before the next mission in the Forspoken chapters list. If you’re wondering how long you have until you reach the ending, check out our Forspoken length guide to see how far along you may be.