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Forspoken spells and magic list - every ability Frey can use

With magic in the palm of her hand, there are plenty of spells that Frey can use in Athia. Here’s all spells in Forspoken for you to fight the Break with.

Forspoken all spells and magic: Frey facing up against a dragon in Forspoken

The world of Athia is a pretty dangerous place, with much of the world of Forspoken corrupted and evil, so it makes sense that you’ll want to use Forspoken spells to fight off any unruly creature that may come your way. Frey can use a variety of lethal and support spells, as well as the magic parkour, to her advantage.

While travelling the open world of Forspoken, you’ll find yourself gaining and learning new spells for Frey to wield, thanks to her companion Cuff. Since the Forspoken length paints a picture of a long game, you may want to get ahold of these new abilities sooner rather than later.

Forspoken spells

There are a total of four spell sets in Forspoken with a host of magic and spells, using different elements to fuel your attacks. Each spell set has a variety of lethal, support, and parkour magic to help Frey in her journey. Here are all of the spells in Forspoken:

Frey’s Magic

Frey’s Magic is earth-based, focusing on plants and rocks. It also offers a range of abilities that will help you heal upon attacking enemies, such as Tendril:

  • Burst Shot – lethal
  • Scatter Shot – lethal
  • Shield Shot – lethal
  • Bind – support
  • Tendril – support
  • Disperse – support
  • Implant – support
  • Prime – support
  • Leach – support
  • Screen – support
  • Burrow – support
  • Genesis – surge ability
  • Flow – parkour
  • Leap – parkour
  • Shimmy – parkour

Sila’s Magic

Sila’s Magic, found after defeating Tanta Sila, is fire-based. Unlike Frey’s Magic, your main lethal ability is a sword that you conjure with fire.

  • Arc Slice – lethal
  • Rage Slice – lethal
  • Blast Slice – lethal
  • Charge – support
  • Fusillade – support
  • Legion – support
  • Aegis – support
  • Firetrap – support
  • Bombardier – support
  • Crucible – support
  • Conflagration – surge ability
  • Drag and Drop – parkour
  • Soar – parkour
  • Rush – parkour

Prav’s Magic

Prav’s Magic is water-based and will have you saying “surf’s up” as Frey’s parkour ability here is casting a surfboard made of water and skimming along Athia’s lakes.

  • Fan Bolt – lethal
  • Chain Bolt – lethal
  • Cluster Bolt – lethal
  • Naedre – support
  • Ablution – support
  • Inundation – support
  • Eagre – support
  • Brume – support
  • Oubliette – support
  • Cataract – surge ability
  • Up and Away – parkour
  • Float – parkour

Olas’s Magic

  • Storm Dart -lethal
  • Seeker Dart -lethal
  • Pulse Dart -lethal
  • Displacement – support
  • Distortion – support
  • Aggression – support
  • Projection – support
  • Sublimation – support
  • Compensation – support
  • Compulsion – support
  • Tempest – support
  • Hide and Seek – parkour
  • Scale – parkour
  • Spoof – parkour

Frey also learns the ability Shift, another parkour spell, near the end of the game. While this is part of the Frey’s Magic spellset, we didn’t include it above since it is pretty much locked to the post-game.

Those are all the Forspoken spells, so grab Cuff and get to work learning them so you can easily face the Break. As you meet the characters in the game, check out our Forspoken voice actors and cast to find out the voices behind your favourite characters.