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Forspoken difficulty levels explained

Like many other games, the Forspoken difficulty levels will adjust how hard the game is, although they come off a bit confusing. Here’s each mode explained.

Forspoken difficulty levels: Frey jumping using magic parkour in Forspoken

Upon opening the game, the Forspoken difficulty levels that come up are a bit strange. Instead of the traditional easy, normal, and hard, the game opts for a few phrases and asks you to pick which one suits you best. These four options, while seemingly simple, can change how you experience Forspoken.

While the Forspoken magic and spells don’t change across each difficulty level, the open world of Forspoken can seem more dangerous or easy depending on which option you choose. The Break doesn’t play kindly no matter which you end up going for, and while Forspoken cloaks, nails, and necklaces will help you in your fight, the difficulty option is arguably the most important.

Forspoken difficulty levels explained

The start of the game offers four options, with the Forspoken difficulty levels being:

  • Focus on the Story
  • Explore the Open World
  • Take Part in Challenging Battles
  • Default

These Forspoken difficulty modes relate to “Easy”, “Hard” and “Normal” respectively, with the first two options being both easy.

It’s a little confusing, since the game doesn’t directly tell you what each option offers in terms of the difficulty of the game. And it’s even stranger since it goes out of order compared to most games. Fortunately, you can change the option in the settings at any time if you find the game too easy or hard, and there’s a variety of accessibility options to finetune the challenge level.

Those are the Forspoken difficulty levels so you know which to choose from when you start playing around in the world of Athia. Before you head off, make sure to check out the Forspoken voice actors and cast to see who is behind your favourite characters. You can also find out how to upgrade gear in Forspoken to help you if the game is challenging.