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The new FC 24 Pro Draft sounds fun, but doesn’t actually reward you

If you're looking at the new FC 24 Pro Draft contest and hoping to earn some in-game rewards, EA Sports isn't actually offering any up.

FC 24 Pro Draft rewards: an image of Trent Alexander Arnold from Liverpool FC

EA Sports always puts in the effort when it comes to creating a strong esports scene for it’s soccer games and FC 24 isn’t any different. However, seeing pros use the same meta players in their top squads can make competition lacklustre. So, trying to change that, EA Sports is introducing FC 24 Pro Draft – a contest that should throw some interesting squads into the mix. You can even get involved yourself if you want, but you’re not actually going to get anything from it.

EA Sports always delivers the best soccer games each year and FC 24 isn’t breaking that trend. With impressive new graphics, slick gameplay, and new features like FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions and FC 24 PlayStyles adding to the experience, there’s never been more ways to play. In recent years, EA Sports has also made sure to comfortably reward players for their efforts while playing – with FC 24 boasting more seasonal objectives and SBCs than ever. Interestingly, though, while it does want you to engage with it’s new Pro Draft competition, it seems to have forgotten about rewarding you for it.

As this new Deep Dive look at the FC 24 Pro Draft explains, this is essentially going to be a new esports competition where pro players will need to draft their squad to specific requirements before each round of the competition kicks off. They’ll need to adhere to a budget, too, and each player’s cost will reflect their in-game Transfer Market value at the time. While the first FC 24 Open Global Qualifier has a budget set at 8,000,000 coins (which is quite a lot), we could see some interesting squads thrown into the mix when EA Sports starts introducing new restrictions and tighter budgets.

If you want to try your hand at building the best squad you can within the current FC 24 Pro Draft restrictions, you will be pleased to know that you can actually use the same tools the pro players will be using to do just that. In fact, if EA Sports likes what they see when you submit your squad, it “may even be featured on an FC Pro broadcast” – which is exciting, we suppose.

FC 24 Pro Draft rewards: an image of the draft picks screen

You can find the new FC 24 Pro Draft tool online here and EA Sports is encouraging you to share your squads online “and join the discussion on the picks” that should spring from that.

Those of you hoping to earn some tangible rewards to use in FC 24, though, will be out of luck. EA Sports isn’t actually offering anyone anything for submitting a Pro Draft squad – not even a near-worthless Mixed Contracts Pack. With this in mind, if you like squad-building, you’re far better off checking out the cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs and earning yourself some real rewards in-game. There might be some Twitch drops to look forward to in the future, but EA Sports hasn’t said anything about that just yet.

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In fact, the newly-announced FC 24 Pundit Picks promo – which will present players with a new SBC based on Jamie Carragher’s favorite Premier League player from Match Week 11 – is a perfect example of a better way to spend your time if you like squad-building.

It’s also worth noting that you can claim four free Gold Rare players right now, but you don’t have long. With the potential to pack one of the best FC 24 strikers or best FC 24 wingers, it’s well worth making sure you don’t miss out. This new Pro Draft thing, though? We’re sorry to say that this really isn’t going to be worth your time.