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Watch out defenders, there’s even more types of Lengthy in FC 24

If you're looking forward to Ultimate Team in EA Sports' FC 24, you're going to want to know that there are three new Lengthy traits coming to Xbox and PS5.

18/07/2023 EA Sports has published a Deep Dive on AcceleRATE in FC 24. The headline and copy of this article has been updated to reflect that.

EA Sports‘ FC 24 is without a doubt one of the most exciting upcoming Xbox games, and we really can’t wait to get our hands on. It has easily got the potential to be one of the best Xbox soccer games out there (and one of the best PS5 soccer games, of course). Although, it might just end up being one of the best we’ve ever seen. That being said, it’s not exactly all good news – particularly if you’re a defender. There’s not just one FC 24 Lengthy trait to deal with, but three of them. Oh, boy.

Ahead of the FC 24 release date and even more information about what is one of the most interesting upcoming PS5 games out there, FIFA content creator ‘DonkTrading‘  has revealed that EA Sports is expanding its AcceleRATE system to offer players a total of seven different AcceleRATE traits – three of which are Lengthy. This information has since been confirmed by EA Sports itself in a new FC 24 Pitch Notes post detailing the new AcceleRATE technology and traits coming to the soccer game.

Listed below, these new AcceleRATE traits should work perfectly with FC 24’s new Hypermotion V technology to deliver the most varied and realistic animation and player behavior – at least when it comes to sprinting and movement – to date.

The new AcceleRATE traits, as per the leaks, are:

  • Lengthy
  • Mostly Lengthy
  • Controlled Lengthy
  • Explosive
  • Mostly Explosive
  • Controlled Explosive
  • Controlled

Looking at these in a little more detail, and compared to one another, it appears as though Lengthy will be something of an extreme when it comes to the trait. Mostly Lengthy and Controlled Lengthy, as you can see below, will offer a 70-30 split between Lengthy and Controlled and a 50-50 split between Lengthy and Controlled respectively.

FC 24 Lenghty players AcceleRATE traits: an image of a graph used to explain the traits

When it comes to players themselves, anyone around 181cm or above will most-likely be Controlled Lengthy – if they have a Strength stat of around 65 and an Acceleration stat of around 40. This will transition into Mostly Lengthy when the player’s height is pushing 183cm, their Strength stat is a little higher (around 75), and the player’s Acceleration stat is around 55.

As you can see for yourself in the table below, a pure Lengthy player should be a taller player with a Strength stat of around 80 (at least). We know this is confusing, but it seems to mean that the taller and stronger the player is, the more Lengthy they’ll be.

FC 24 Lenghty players AcceleRATE traits: an image of a table explaining the traits

If you’re not sure why this is a big deal, the Lengthy trait dominated the FIFA 23 meta for a long time. It’s an AcceleRATE trait that helps taller players with high physicality dominate in long ball gameplay. On paper, these players were supposed to take a longer time to reach full sprint speed than someone with the Explosive AcceleRATE trait, but that was far from the case in reality.

In an effort to help make all of this make a little more sense, EA Sports has put together a little explainer showing some behind the scenes footage. It’s going to look a little more refined in the final release, but it certainly gets the point across.

YouTube Thumbnail

Is all of this really going to make FC 24 one of the best soccer games we’ve ever seen? Well, only time will tell. Although, when you think about how EA Sports is changing the game when it comes to Pro Clubs, there’s a lot to suggest that this is going to be well worth your time. You just might want to pick up one of the best Xbox expansion cards or best PS5 SSDs if you’re looking forward to it – there’s no telling how big it will be.