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Is Fable on Game Pass?

Find out if a Fable Game Pass release is on the way alongside its planned launch on Xbox and PC, so you can jump in without putting a ton of money down.

Fable Game Pass: A fairy can be seen

Fable is one of Xbox’s most anticipated upcoming games. But, will a Fable Game Pass release come alongside its release on Xbox and PC? After all, the rest of Xbox’s first-party games are on their way to Game Pass at launch.

When it finally arrives, we are expecting the game to be one of the best Xbox RPGs available on the system and make it onto our best Xbox games list. With Playground Games at the helm of Fable, you can expect an excellent open-world adventure after they mastered the genre with one of the best Xbox racing games in Forza Horizon 5.

Is Fable on Game Pass?

Fable (2023/Fable 4) will be available on Game Pass when it launches. The game will be available across Xbox, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. This will be one of Xbox’s first big first-party RPGs to launch on the service when it comes out.

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We don’t yet have a firm window for the game’s release yet, but, when the Fable release date does roll around, you can expect it on Game Pass at the same time.

That covers what you need to know about a Fable Game Pass release. For even more on great Game Pass RPGs, why not take a look at some of the best Xbox Game Pass games available right now?