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Diablo 4 lucky hit explained

Look no further for an explanation of the confusing Diablo 4 lucky hit chance and effect stats so you have a better understanding of your class.

Diablo 4 lucky hit: A female Sorcerer holding a flame in her hand against a blurred background of gameplay.

With so many stats and effects to keep track of, it’s easy to get lost wondering exactly what is lucky hit in Diablo 4? However, lucky hit chance is definitely one you want to learn the ins and outs of. Here’s everything you need to understand Diablo 4 lucky hit and how it differs from critical chance.

The Diablo 4 lucky hit stat has been causing a lot of confusion for players, particularly because the term sounds a lot like a critical hit, though these are two distinct stats. While some Diablo 4 classes will get better use of lucky hit than others, it’s important to understand it before heading into the challenging Diablo 4 endgame.

Diablo 4 lucky hit explained

The Diablo 4 lucky hit stat is a percentage chance to trigger an additional effect provided by a skill or gear item. Lucky hit chance does nothing without having an ability with a lucky hit effect that can be triggered.

This differs significantly from critical hits which, when triggered, deal bonus damage based on your critical hit stats. Lucky hits don’t deal bonus damage, rather, they trigger any lucky hit effects you might have on your character.

Lucky hit effects will come from select active abilities, passive skills, and some gear pieces. It’s important to read the ability or item descriptions to see if they have a lucky hit effect that can be triggered. If so, you can improve your lucky hit chance stat to increase how frequently this effect has a chance to be triggered. Be sure to check out all the Diablo 4 skill trees to get a sense of which abilities have lucky hit effects.

As an example, the Barbarian’s Anemia Aspect has a lucky hit effect. With this Aspect, upon dealing direct damage against a Bleeding enemy, there is a chance to Stun them for a short duration. This chance is known as a lucky hit and can be improved by enhancing your lucky hit stats.

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It’s likely that lucky hit will largely only be used by a few select Diablo 4 builds that take full advantage of lucky hit effects, so make sure you have a grasp over your playstyle before investing too much in lucky hit.

Nevertheless, you now have a solid understanding of the confusing stat lucky hit in Diablo 4. Use this knowledge to defeat the Diablo 4 bosses and Diablo 4 world bosses to save Sanctuary from Lilith’s demon invasion.