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Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred, PvP, locations, rewards, and more

Before diving into the dangerous Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred for intense PvP action on PS5, Xbox, and PC, here's all the info, including locations and rewards.

Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred: A cultist wearing a skeleton mask and red robes.

The Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred offer a unique gameplay experience found nowhere else in the world of Sanctuary. This is an alluring activity to complete, though it’s not without its challenges. But, what are the Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4? Well, this guide will cover everything there is to know about these Diablo 4 PvP arenas. We’ll also go over the Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred locations and rewards, available in these unique gameplay zones.

It’s possible that you’ll come across the Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred as you’re completing quests and exploring the Diablo 4 map of Sanctuary, but it will be risky to head in. Though each of the Diablo 4 classes are distinct and powerful in their own right, they’re not all equally powerful. Understanding the current Diablo 4 tier list to find the strongest class that one of the best RPG games has to offer, will no doubt come in handy if you dare enter the Fields of Hatred PvP zones.

What are the Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred?

In Diablo 4, Fields of Hatred are designated PvP areas in the open world that have been corrupted after Lilith’s return to Sanctuary. Within them, you can battle other players for the chance to earn desirable rewards.

Details about the Fields of Hatred were first revealed in the Diablo 4 Into the Endgame developer diary, which you can watch below.

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Found in the open world of Sanctuary, this Diablo 4 endgame activity sees players able to engage in PvP combat. Killing other players and monsters, alongside completing activities in the zone will grant Seeds of Hatred. As players collect more Seeds of Hatred, they will be able to bring them to an Altar of Extraction where the Seeds can be cleansed into Red Dust. Beware though, as players will be notified when an Altar of Extraction is being used and may head over to steal them.

If you die inside the Fields of Hatred, as we have a fair few times while partaking in some PvP action, you will drop any Seeds of Hatred you have collected, giving other players the opportunity to steal them for themselves. However, Red Dust will not be dropped when you die.

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Described as “not a place for honor” in a developer update Q&A, the Fields of Hatred are not matchmade against groups, though there are different player “buckets” based on character levels. Therefore, while you can run into both solo players and groups in the Fields of Hatred, players will all be of a similar level.

Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred locations

The two Fields of Hatred locations in Diablo 4 can be found in the Dry Steppes and Kehjistan.

The fields are the red-tinted zones shown to the west on the map below. The Dry Steppes field can be accessed from The Scarred Coast, Dindai Flats, and Temple of Rot areas, while the Kehjistan field has two entrances stemming from Omath’s Redoubt and the Scouring Sands. Don’t get these confused with the Diablo 4 Helltides when they’re active, or you’ll be in for a surprise when you enter the wrong one.

Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred: A map showing the possible Fields of Hatred locations in Sanctuary for PvP.

Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred rewards

The Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred rewards include Red Dust for refining Seeds of Hatred which can be spent at merchants for a variety of items, including cosmetics.

Each field has its own town, featuring vendors that sell unique cosmetics for your horse and armor, as well as a gear vendor that operates in the same way as the Murmuring Obols vendor in Kyovashad.

You can also earn rewards for surviving as one of Hatred’s Chosen. Hatred is gained by defeating other players within the Fields of Hatred locations and, if you can survive long enough while marked, you will be rewarded. This adds another layer to the Fields of Hatred gameplay loop, setting you the task of earing Seeds of Hatred to refine, all while surviving as Hatred’s Chosen.

You can see some PvP action as Rogue in the Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred in the video below by ‘lear3003’:

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That’s all you need to know about the Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred and PvP in Blizzard’s latest demon-slaying ARPG. Be sure to find out all the Diablo 4 Uniques so you can take your PvP build to the next level.