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All Diablo 4 Acts - how many are there in the story?

Find out all there is to know about the Diablo 4 Acts that guide you through the story campaign of Blizzard’s demon slaying ARPG on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Diablo 4 Acts: A male Barbarian wearing animal fur armor against a blurred background of Inarius.

How many Diablo 4 Acts are there? Diablo 4 builds upon many aspects of the series, story being chief among them. However, you might be wondering how many Acts there are in Diablo 4, especially many vary in length quite significantly. Well, you’re in luck because here’s all you need to know about the Diablo 4 Acts so you know how many Acts there are and how far through the story you are.

Diablo 4’s story is broken up into several Acts, similar to previous games in the series. While long-time fans will be used to this structure, Diablo 4 shakes the formula up a bit with a shift to an open world Diablo 4 map. However, if you’re wondering about the Diablo 4 length and how long it takes to beat one of the best RPG games, then knowing how many Acts there are is a great way to check your progress.

All Diablo 4 Acts

Here are all the Diablo 4 Acts in the main story campaign:

  • Prologue – Wandering
  • Act 1 – A Cold and Iron Faith
  • Act 2 – The Knife Twists Again
  • Act 3 – The Making of Monsters
  • Act 4 – A Gathering Storm
  • Act 5 – Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold
  • Act 6 – Dance of the Makers
  • Epilogue – From the Wound Spilled

If you played during the beta period, then you will have already experienced the prologue and a portion of Act 1 already. The rest of the story, however, will be a brand new adventure for everyone. Compared to previous Diablo games, the Diablo 4 story is much more involved and interesting, featuring Lilith as the main antagonist of the narrative, more dialogue, and more cutscenes overall.

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How many Diablo 4 Acts are there?

There are six Diablo 4 Acts in the story campaign, buffered with a prologue and epilogue before you reach the end of the story.

It’s worth noting that these Acts aren’t all equal in length. For example, you’ll spend much of your time during the first few Acts of the story, while the later Acts are often shorter. They will, however, guide you through the five regions of Sanctuary, so you’ll get to explore the map as you go. With such a big world to explore though, there will still be lots more for you to do and find once you’ve finished all the Acts, including the intricate Diablo 4 endgame activities and systems.

That’s all you need to know about the Diablo 4 Acts in the story campaign, including how many Acts there are in Diablo 4. As you make your way through the story, you can work towards creating the perfect Diablo 4 build for whichever of the Diablo 4 classes you chose to play as.