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Destiny 2 Vexcalibur perks and traits, how to get, crafting

Find out all there is to know about Destiny 2 Vexcalibur, a new glaive involved in a secret Exotic quest diving into the Vex, including a Vexcalibur ornament.

Destiny 2 Vexcaliber: The Vexcaliber weapon can be seen

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur has been floating around the Destiny community since the release of Lightfall as a secret Exotic glaive players can now get their hands on. You’re in the right place for everything we know about Destiny 2 Vexcalibur, including the perks and traits for the weapon and how crafting works with it.

While we’re waiting to grab it for yourself in Destiny 2, or just want to figure out how to craft a great setup that works well with it, this article will give you everything you need to know. The Vexcalibur adds another fantastic glaive, on top of the Destiny 2 Winterbite which was added with Lightfall.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur

Vexcalibur is a special Exotic glaive in Destiny 2, that deals Void damage and was introduced in Season of the Defiance.

The Vexcalibur perks and traits are:

  • Intrinsic Perk – M1R Distribution Matrix (I-IV)
  • Trait– Perpetual Loophole
  • Haft – Ballistic Tuning, Low-Impedance Windings, Tempered Truss Rod, Supercooled Accelerator, Auxiliary Reserves, Lightweight Emitter
  • Magazine – Extended Mag, Alloy Magazine, Appended Mag, Accurized Rounds, Swap mag, Light Mag
  • Stock – Hand-Laid Stock, Composite Stock, Fitted Stock, Short-Action Stock

The Intrinsic Perk here gives you an overshield while you are guarding and can be upgraded to give overshields to allies, Perpetual Loophole deals additional melee damage while you are protected by an overshield with the weapon. Defeating targets with the melee attack with the Glaive will then refresh your overshield if it is active.

How to get Destiny 2 Vexcalibur?

Vexcalibur in Destiny 2 is obtained by completing ‘The Variable’ Season of Defiance secret Exotic quest.

It is a weapon that is obtained at the end of the mission, which is a repurposed version of The Pyramidion strike on IO, which is no longer accessible. This mission started in the European Dead Zone in the Gulch. To get an idea and full walkthrough of it, check out our Destiny 2 The Variable guide.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur crafting

After you obtain the Vexcalibur in Destiny 2, you are able to extract a pattern for it and craft it on Mars at The Enclave.

The crafting process will take place across Season 20, so you will need to continue to complete the follow-up Vexcalibur quests to be able to fully customise the glaive. Upgrades include the Destiny 2 Vexcalibur Catalyst and several Intrinsic upgrades found in secret chests during the AVALON mission.

Destiny 2 Vexcalibur: A Vexcalibur ornament called Nexus Sunrise.

Furthermore, an ornament for the Vexcalibur Exotic glaive, Nexus Sunrise, is in the menu at Eververse and can be bought for 700 Silver. This further supports that this weapon will be arriving sometime soon, alongside a flashy ornament.

That’s all there is to know about Destiny 2 Vexcalibur. For even more on Season of Defiance and Lightfall,  you can find out about the Exotic weapons added in Lightfall and Season 20 so far, including Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos, Destiny 2 Verglas Curve, and Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm. There are already lots of new weapons to play around with.