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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep adds requested CSGO 2 style feature

Destiny 2 Season 21 is shaping up to be a treat for weapon enthusiasts across PS5, Xbox, and PC, as the latest Destiny 2 TWAB confirms this feature is arriving.

Destiny 2 Season 21 season of the deep

Getting your arsenal in shape for a new Destiny 2 update is essential for new adventures, and Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is no exception. In the run-up to the Destiny 2 Season of the Deep release date, developer Bungie is already detailing what Destiny 2 weapons are getting some TLC going forward on PS5, Xbox, and PC – and one highly requested feature is sure to delight fans of Counter-Strike 2.

“With the release of Season of the Deep, we are also doing an overhaul to the way we showcase weapons and other items in the Inspection Screen with some highly requested improvements,” explains Bungie in the latest Destiny 2 TWAB update. To give players a better sense of the aesthetic options that can be implemented in their weaponry, Bungie is allowing players to examine their weaponry with further detail.

“You’ll now be able to do the following when previewing weapons[…] Rotate them around the same way you would a Sparrow or piece of armor [and we’ve] added support for ambient VFX to play for weapons that have them,” says Bungie.

Additionally, the developer explains that “this applies to your inventory, and also when inspecting ornaments in the Eververse store. These tech improvements have had compounding benefits, enabling us to also allow you to rotate ships and preview their contrails.” Paired with the removal of depth-of-field effects on weapon, armor, and ship previews, it is now easier than ever to view what your chosen aesthetic choices amount to.

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While it isn’t a fully implemented weapon inspection, it is one step closer to viewing our Destiny 2 loadouts in-game similar to that of Valve’s competitive shooter. Calls for this feature have been rampant in the game’s community for years, with some outcries dating back to 2015. Now we’re feeling old.

Bungie spares no expense when it comes to crafting gorgeous armor and weapons across the galaxy, and the Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon rotation is proof of that. More often than not, many of these guns become some of the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons, so it’d be nice to show them off with a bit of style as Season 21 approaches.

Valve will allow players to do just that when the Counter-Strike 2 release date gears up for battle. But if you can’t wait for that, you may want to find out more about the Counter-Strike 2 beta that will grant you early access.