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Destiny 2 players compile their improvement wishlist for Lightfall

One of Bungie's top community managers has asked Destiny 2 fans to suggest more quality of life changes they want to see in Lightfall and beyond

Destiny 2 lightfall improvements: A guardian looks at a ball of green Strand energy floating between their hands

Destiny 2 Lightfall is creeping ever closer, and while the new expansion will add a stunning location in Neomuna and the new Strand subclass, it intends to make a lot of big changes to the core systems of Destiny 2 and quality of life updates. While many of these have been announced already, it seems Bungie is keen to cram even more of these improvements into Lightfall and is asking fans to compile a massive wishlist.

Global community lead at Bungie, Chris ‘Cozmo’ Shannon, has posted to the r/DestinyTheGame subreddit, calling on players to give suggestions for big changes they want to see as well as smaller QoL tweaks that would make their experience better in both “the short and long term”.

The one suggestion that seems most popular at the moment, judging by the upvotes and number of times it was suggested at the time of writing, is to rework the UI for buffs and cooldowns. Currently, you can only see three or four active buffs, debuffs, modifiers, or cooldowns on the left-hand side of your display. However, especially since the three Light subclasses of Arc, Solar, and Void were reworked, certain builds and loadouts can cause more than four of these effects at a given time.

This often leads to players being left in the dark as to whether certain buffs have activated, and judging by the amount of support the suggestion for a UI change is getting, it’s something a lot of the community is struggling with at the moment.

Another popular request is one that is to be expected, and that’s general stability. Destiny 2 has had some rather wobbly moments with its servers and with error codes in 2022 – the saga with error codes during the world’s first raid race for Vow of the Disciple last year springs to mind – but this is likely an improvement that’s already high on Bungie’s to-do list.

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Other suggestions include an Apex Legends-style ping system to help with both accessibility and for communication between muted fireteam members, a way to either sort or favourite shaders for armor customisation, and of course the change we all hope arrives during Lightfall: sorting out those blue drops. Some fans would like a simple auto-dismantle feature, while some think some kind of loot prioritisation system would do the trick. Regardless, players really hate those blues.

For those looking to get great stat rolls on some of the best Destiny 2 armor by clearing solo Legend Lost Sectors, there has also been support for a better way to chase exact pieces of exotic armor, so maybe that grind will get a little easier in Lightfall.

If you’ve also got some Destiny 2 bugbears, head over to the post and drop your suggestions or upvote those you want to see the most.

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