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Bungie’s finally making finding Destiny 2’s Legend Lost Sector easier

If you're tired of hunting for Legend Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox, Bungie has thankfully introduced an icon to tell you where you'll find them.

Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Director icon: an image of a nautical themed Hunter skin from the FPS game

We don’t want to alarm you, Destiny 2 players, but Bungie has just introduced one of the best Quality of Life changes we’ve seen yet in its’ Season of the Deep update. We know it’s rather exciting that this update is trying to fix one of the looter shooter’s worst Exotics, but this QoL improvement really does blow that out of the water – pun about the new Destiny 2 Fishing activity very-much intended. If you’re a regular player who’s always on top of the grind, you’ll be pleased to know that the latest Destiny 2 update has introduced a new icon that indicates where the current Legend and Master Lost Sector locations are.

Yes, you’re reading that right – and it isn’t April Fool’s Day anymore. Bungie has finally introduced an icon to the Director screen to highlight which of the FPS’ planets is host to the current Legend Lost Sector and Master Lost Sector, as per the Destiny 2 7.1.0. Season of the Deep patch notes. Prior to this, there was no-telling which planets these were located without diving into each one. So, you’d have to spend your time hunting for it – or, you know, Google it.

Now, though, all you need to do is look for an archway symbol just under the planet’s name you’re highlighting; this is the symbol used to highlight Lost Sectors in-world, so it makes sense that Bungie would use this symbol to signifiy where they’re located on the Director. It’s also where you’ll see active quest icons and the like, so it should be quite easy to spot. You can check out an example of what it looks like below:

Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Director icon: an image of the map with the icon in question

Of course, this doesn’t exactly tell you where the current Legend Lost Sector is on the planet it’s located – but, it does make the search a darn-sight easier for those of you who just want to drop in, do your dailies, and get out.

It’s also important to remember, too, that only 19 of the 37 Destiny 2 Lost Sectors available offer a Legend or Master variant. So, if you have a favorite, you might find yourself a little out of luck if you want to complete it for a chance to get some of the best Destiny 2 Armor and Exotics out there.

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