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Destiny 2 Guardians are going gold for cancer awareness

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a Destiny 2 player has asked Guardians to turn their armor gold in support and has got a huge response

Destiny 2 gold armor: A guardian wearing gold and red armor points a sinister looking weapon

Destiny 2 players are rallying together to turn their Guardians gold, and it’s not because of the Season of Plunder’s theme of pirate bounties and hidden treasures. The real and more important reason is that it is Childhood Cancer Awareness, and Guardians have been inspired by a member of the community who shared their story about losing a child in 2020.

First posted into the Dadstiny Facebook and recirculated on the r/DestinyFashion and r/Destiny2 subreddits and on Twitter by streamer ‘AnneMunition’, a Destiny 2 player details how he lost his daughter to a rare form of cancer two years ago, and asks for other Guardians to go gold to represent the colours of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which runs throughout all of September.

Guardians are now pledging to support the cause by applying gold shaders to their Destiny 2 armor sets, all in the hope of fulfilling the original poster’s wish of a “Tower full of gold Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks”.

Players are also recommending shaders that will turn your armor mostly or completely golden, and telling newer Guardians how to get them. Precursor Vex Chrome, Gilded Frost, and Kairos Gold are just some of the suggestions being thrown around in order to get that gold effect.

So if you log into Destiny 2 and see a surprising amount of gold armor on show, now you know why. We encourage you to also switch up your shaders for something golden in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and, if you are able, make a donation to a children’s cancer charity or organisation.

Here’s a list to several in the UK, and here’s a link to the ACCO for those in the US.

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