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Dead Space Marker Fragments locations

Here's what you need to know about the Dead Space remake Marker Fragments which are key to unlocking the new secret ending in the game

Dead Space Remake Marker Fragments: Isaac can be seen

Motive hasn’t added many new items to the Dead Space remake, but in order to unlock the brand-new ending in the game, you will need to hunt down a dozen of a particular item that is fresh for the remake. These are the Dead Space Marker Fragments.

Marker Fragments are only available during new game plus in the Dead Space remake, so you will need to commit to beating the game twice. Although, the Dead Space length isn’t too long. However, committing to taking on the threats in new game plus will require a commitment to really seek out every item to power yourself up and survive the threats on the Ishimura.

Dead Space Marker Fragments

The Dead Space remake has 12 Marker Fragments locations for you to find in the game’s chapters. These are all required to unlock the secret alternate ending in New Game Plus. The locations for them are:

  • Marker Fragment 1 location – Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control, Maintenance Bay
  • Marker Fragment 2 location – Medical, Floor 1, Dr. T. Kyne – CSO
  • Marker Fragment 3 location – Engineering, Floor 3, Engine Room
  • Marker Fragment 4 location – Bridge, Floor 1, Break Room
  • Marker Fragment 5 location – Medical, Floor 4, Cryogenics
  • Marker Fragment 6 location – Medical, Floor 4, Dr. C. Mercer – 250
  • Marker Fragment 7 location – Hydroponics, Floor 4, East Grow Chamber
  • Marker Fragment 8 location – Mining, Floor 5 – Medical Samples
  • Marker Fragment 9 location – Communications Hub, Floor 2
  • Marker Fragment 10 location – Crew Quarters, Floor 3, Deluxe Shift Bunks
  • Marker Fragment 11 location – Crew Quarters, Floor 3, Inquiry Desks
  • Marker Fragment 12 location – Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control, Floor 1, Cargo Bay

They are small and hidden throughout the game in areas of the Ishimura and you will need to hunt around the ship to find them. Remember, you need to be on New Game Plus to find these on the Ishimura. More detailed locations and where they are hidden within each area can be found below:

Marker Fragment 1 location

When you get the objective to find the data board, you can look inside the maintenance bay office where the board itself is. On the shelf is the fragment.

Marker Fragment 2 location

In the Medical section, after clearing the quarantine from the main lab, you can enter Dr. T. Kyne’s office. Once there, use Kinesis to move the shelf of books opposite his desk. This will reveal a hidden room with the fragment inside.

Marker Fragment 3 location

In the engine room in the engineering section head to the back of power sub-station three. The Marker Fragment will be sitting in the corner in the dark.

Marker Fragment 4 location

In the break room on the bridge, after rerouting the power, you can find the fragment just sitting on the floor. It is next to an image of the marker itself.

Marker Fragment 5 location

Back in medical, in the Cryogenics area, you can find Liquid Nitrogen. Grab it and where you freeze the Regenerator you can use Kinesis to grab the fragment, which is sitting on top of the cryogenic chamber itself.

Marker Fragment 6 location

Still in the medical section of the Ishimura, lift the lockdown in here and you can find D. C. Mercer’s office. Inside is the fragment.

Marker Fragment 7 location

In the east grow chamber of Hydroponics, you will find Wheezer number six. The fragment can be found in this chamber, stuck inside some corruption. Use Kinesis to grab it from the corruption.

Marker Fragment 8 location

In the mining section, after upgrading your security clearance, enter the Mineral Samples room. The fragment can be found on a shelf in here.

Marker Fragment 9 location

On floor two of the Communications Hub, you will need to power on the Comms Array. The fragment can be found floating in a hole covered by Necromorph corruption on the left side of the room.

Marker Fragment 10 location

The next Marker Fragment is in the Deluxe Quarter bunk room. To access it, switch the circuit breaker to the doors. You can then enter the room and pick it up from the desk.

Marker Fragment 11 location

At the Inquiry Desks in the Crew Quarters, you can find the Marker fragment just to the left as you walk towards the tendril. It is sitting on a desk hidden behind some items.

Marker Fragment 12 location

In the cargo bay towards the end of the game, you will need to move the Marker using the cargo crane. Before doing so, look on the tool shelf in the south-east section of the rooms to find the final Marker Fragment.

Once you have found all of the fragments, you then need to head back to the shrine in the Crew Quarters, Captain’s Quarters on Floor 3. Once returned, at the end of the game you will see the Dead Space remake alternate ending and unlock an achievement or trophy in the process.

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