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How many chapters are in Dead Space?

Find out how many chapters are in Dead Space with this article taking you through each one and how the game ramps up as you reach the conclusion

Dead Space How Many Chapters: Nicole can be seen

Are you wondering how many chapters are in Dead Space? Jumping into the game for the first time and want to estimate how long the whole experience will take you? Well, this article is your guiding hand as you can find the answer below.

Throughout the Dead Space story, you will come across a host of upgrades and new tools for Isaac. In addition, you will also meet a wide variety of Dead Space characters, each of which is played by a talented Dead Space voice actor or cast member.

How many chapters are in Dead Space?

Dead Space has a total of 12 chapters in the remake. These are split roughly into three acts of the game and each one works out at about an hour or so.

There is some variation here and there, but most land at around the sixty-minute mark.

This is a relatively low number of chapters, especially for a modern game, but Motive hasn’t altered the story in any way, besides adding a new Dead Space alternate ending. But, you need to beat the Dead Space new game plus mode and find all the Dead Space Marker Fragments to get that.

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