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How many players can play Dead Island 2 co-op?

Find out how many people can join you as you are exploring Hell-A and all the locations surrounding it across the game's different maps.

Dead Island 2 How Many Players: Amy can be seen

Up to three people can play together in a Dead Island 2 co-op game. This limit means that you and two of your friends can hit the streets of Hell-A and begin slaying together on the platform of you choice, which we did in our Dead Island 2 review playthrough.

However, one downside with the sequel is that there isn’t Dead Island 2 crossplay. This means you can’t join your friends on other platforms, only able to play with those on the same console, or via the same storefront on PC. You can’t even play cross-generation in Dead Island 2.

Once you unlock co-op very early into the main Dead Island 2 missions list, you can then join up and invite your friends. It is a super easy process and you can use the variety of Dead Island 2 weapons to slay the many different Dead Island 2 zombies found across Hell-A.

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