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Does Dead Island 2 have crossplay?

Find out if you can team up with your freinds across platforms and slay zombies together, combining abilities and the strengths of each character.

Dead Island 2 Crossplay: Bruno and another player can be seen

Dead Island 2 does not have crossplay. This means you cannot play with your friends on other platforms during the campaign was confirmed in the official Dead Island 2 FAQ and in our Dead Island 2 review playthrough, as well.

This is disappointing especially after fans have waited almost a decade to play Dead Island 2 after it was originally announced. Now that it is finally here, being locked to playing with friends on the same platform will definitely affect some players’ purchase decisions. It is even more disappointing when you consider the fact that most co-0p and multiplayer games have crossplay in 2023.

Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer supports up to three players and the chances that you have two friends on the same platform aren’t guaranteed. So, if this is the case in your friend group anyone not on the same platform as you will need to play alone.

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So, while Dead Island 2 crossplay not being a part of the game is a disappointment, there is still a lot for you to look forward to whether you are playing alone or with friends. To get a brief on what to expect when you jump in, check out an overview of all the Dead Island 2 characters you can play as and all the Dead Island 2 zombie types you can slay.