Is Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer?

want to gather your friends and play Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer? Here's everything you need to know about the mode in the latest zombie-slashing game

dead island 2 co-op fighting zombies with a machete

Dead Island was a game equally hilarious cheesy romp as it was zombie-slaying action, and it left us with a hankering for more, which is where Dead Island 2 comes in. The series has always been best played with a group of friends crafting eccentric gadgets and weapons and going to town on the undead hordes. That’s why Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer is something we really want included in the game.

Have you ever crafted a machete that has a battery and some wires taped to it and so electrocutes zombies? Now imagine a group of you doing that in Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer and you can see the kind of mayhem that’s set to descend in the game.

Read on to find out if you can play the latest zombie-slashing game with friends. We’ll detail everything we know about the mode below.

Is Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer?

Back in 2014, it was confirmed that Dead Island 2 featured co-op multiplayer for up to eight players. This is according to an interview the developers did with VG 247. “It’s totally seamless allowing you to jump in and out,” game developer Isaac Ashdown said.

Dead Island 2 has been stuck in development hell for years, but it is finally due out on February 3, 2023, with six different playable characters. Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer hasn’t been confirmed yet, but with so many different characters, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t support the feature.

That’s everything we know about Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer. For more on the zombie game, read our Dead Island 2 release date guide to find out when you can play it.