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How to play Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer

If you want to gather your friends and play Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer, here's everything you need to know about the mode to cause chaos together.

Dead Island 2 Co-op: A zombie can be seen

Dead Island was a game equally hilarious cheesy romp as it was zombie-slaying action, and it left us with a hankering for more, which is where Dead Island 2 comes in. The series has always been best played with a group of friends crafting eccentric gadgets and weapons and going to town on the undead hordes. That’s why Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer is one of the best features of the sequel.

With lots of Dead Island 2 zombie types to take down throughout the Dead Island 2 length, including tough Apex variants, having co-op multiplayer would be a great help. Read on to find out if you can play the latest zombie-slashing game with friends and whether it’ll make our best co-op games list.

How to play Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer

To play Dead Island 2 in co-op, you will need to start the mission ‘Call The Cavalry’ to unlock the feature, which we confirmed when playing for our Dead Island 2 review. From there, head to the main menu, select ‘Continue’, and choose your lobby type. Finally, invite your friends from the social menu.

To join a lobby, simply accept an invite or hit the join button from the social menu. You can also join a random public lobby if you want to cause a bit of mayhem or be an unknown helper and meet other Slayers.

Back in 2014, it was confirmed that Dead Island 2 featured co-op multiplayer for up to eight players. This was according to an interview the developers did with VG247. It seems that plans changed during development and the shift in studio twice, settling on a smaller scale co-op multiplayer mode with three players instead. No doubt the smaller scale will be better suited to the controlled chaos fans have come to love from the series.

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Despite Dead Island 2 multiplayer co-op, Dead Island 2 crossplay isn’t available in the action game, so you can only play with your friends on the same platform. But, you are able to mix and match your playstyles with the different Dead Island 2 characters and their skills.