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Dead Island 2 length and how long to beat

Find out the Dead Island 2 length and how long to beat this gruesome zombie action game before gearing up to take on the infested streets of Hell-A.

Dead Island 2 length: A pack of zombies facing down the player at night.

Dead Island 2 is a great step forward for the series, making changes to the open-world format, quests, and more. I thoroughly brings it into the modern day and as such, you’re no doubt curious about the Dead Island 2 length and how long it takes to beat the game.

With the game finally here and players already jumping in you can already read up on all the Dead Island 2 zombie types you’ll face off against as one of the many Dead Island 2 characters. With all the variety on offer, how does the Dead Island 2 length shape up?

Dead Island 2 length

The Dead Island 2 length is around 16-20 hours long for an average playthrough involving some side content and activities. If you explore more, complete more side quests, and find more collectibles then the game will take longer to beat, maxing out at about 30-35 hours.

This is how long it took us in our Dead Island 2 review and also comes courtesy of a WCCF Tech Dead Island 2 interview with Art Director Adam Olsson and Narrative Designer Lydia Cockerham.

In this interview, Adam Olsson notes that Dead Island 2 is about 20 hours long if you “take part in some secondary missions and other activities”. Olsson goes on to note that there are collectibles, a co-op mode, and that players can replay with a different character. If you’re looking to complete everything on offer in Dead Island 2, especially replaying the game as a different character, then it’s likely you’ll get quite a few more hours out of the experience.

That’s all we currently know about the Dead Island 2 length and how long to beat. If your brain is hungry for more of this gruesome zombie action game, then you can find out all about how Dead Island 2’s biggest surprise is its environmental storytelling. We’ve also dissected how every Dead Island 2 boss fight is designed to be its own B movie with the game’s Creative Director James Worral.