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All Dead Island 2 weapons - full ranged and melee list

Get an overview of all the different weapons you can use in the action game from Dambuster, including both ranged and melee options.

Dead Island 2 weapons: Carla can be seen

There are a number of different types of Dead Island 2 weapons for melee options as well as ranged weapons and guns that can be used to give you an advantage from afar or help you take out multiple enemies. Each tool you find to dismember zombies will fit into one of these categories.

Each one offers a different playstyle and way of tearing through zombies so you will want to find a weapon that really suits how you play. Dead Island 2 is packed with these around the map so you will always come across additional ones to pick up and hold.

All Dead Island 2 weapons – full ranged and melee list

There Dead Island 2 weapons categories are:

  • Maiming weapons – Deals extra damage to limbs and can more easily dismember zombies.
  • Frenzy weapons – Attacks fast and can perform several critical hits in a row
  • Bulldozer weapons – Possess wide swings and a lot of range, able to hit multiple zombies
  • Headhunter weapons – Able to inflict critical damage on a zombie easily
  • Demolition weapons – Shots on enemies that are vulnerable are critical
  • Rapid-fire weapons – Fast-firing weapons that increase accuracy over time
  • Tactical weapons – Defensive decision-making provides stat boosts
  • Sharpshooter weapons – Slow firing, damage-dealing powerhouse weapons

These different weapon types all have unique weapons that fit into each one. Some of those can be seen below:

Dead Island 2 weapons: A person can be sseen grabbing a zombie

Maiming Weapons

Maiming weapons are often those with a blade attached. Things like an axe, katana, and other weapons are in this category. These weapons are probably the most plentiful in the game and usually will be the default choice in the early game and maybe even later on!

Frenzy Weapons

Frenzy weapons are far less common. Slaughtering claws fit into this category and they are a more specialist weapon category overall. You will need to really move around a lot and stay away from attacks to be able to make the most of the rapid attacks these offer.

Bulldozer Weapons

Hammers, hammers, and hammers. That is what you will find in the Bulldozer category, alongside some other heavy weaponry. They are great for groups of zombies.

Dead Island 2 weapons: A zombie canbe seen as the player attacks with a hammer

Headhunter Weapons

Headhunter weapons are more precision-based tools. These are things like golf clubs that can hit with a lot of power and damage but aren’t quite as usable in all situations as things like maiming weapons.

Demolition Weapons

Demolition weapons are powerhouses. These include shotguns, a revolver, an assault shotgun, and various other damage-dealing weapons. These are great for taking down bosses and other large zombie types.

Dead Island 2 weapons: A pistol can be seen

Rapid-Fire Weapons

Rapid-fire weapons you will find in the world include a machine pistol, auto carbine, and other guns. These pump out bullets and can offload a lot of damage quickly.

Tactical Weapons

Finally, tactical weapons come in the form of more traditional guns you would see elsewhere, These include your standard pistols, carbines, and other pieces of gear for your arsenal.

Sharpshooter Weapons

Shapshooter weapons almost always come in the form of rifles. These are able to deal damage from afar and pick off a variety of zombies quickly.

That covers the Dead Island 2 weapons to get you started before you jump into the game. For even more as you get playing, why not take a look at our guide on the different Dead Island 2 characters and Dead Island 2 zombie types in the game?