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What are the Dead Island 2 difficulty settings?

Find out what the difficulty settings are in Hell-A so you can understand what type of experience you are getting yourself in for.

Dead Island 2 Difficulty Settings: A player can be seen using a shotgun

If you are preparing to hop into Hell-A in Dead Island 2, or just want to know what type of experience you are getting into, you may be curious as to what difficulty options the game offers. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a deeply customisable experience you won’t find it here.

Dead Island 2 doesn’t offer much in the way of flexibility and in fact, doesn’t offer any. So, you will need to know that your skill and ability to slay zombies effectively will be the big decision maker over how hard you find the game if you are looking to play alone or in Dead Island 2 multiplayer co-op.

What are the Dead Island 2 difficulty settings?

There is only one Dead Island 2 difficulty setting, the base difficulty, which we confirmed in our Dead Island 2 review. There are no additional difficulty settings when you begin the game or upon beating the game.

While not uncommon in games, it is sometimes less common to see just one difficulty level in action games. After all, the genre is often built on challenges and tough fights. But, it seems like that isn’t the case for Dambuster’s game. Either way, there are some challenges awaiting you in the Dead Island 2 endgame after you finish the main story.

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So, if you want to take them on, be sure to prep with the various Dead Island 2 weapons and take down some of the various Dead Island 2 zombie types. You can find a ton of helpful tips and information in our Dead Island 2 walkthrough. It will help you both in the early and late game.