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Dead Island 2 endgame explained

Find out what exactly is awaiting you after you roll credits on Dead Island 2 and what secrets are left in the sand of the Hell-A shores.

Dead Island 2 Endgame Explained: Dani can be seen

Dead Island 2’s endgame comes in the form of a number of Lost & Found quests and side quests that appear. In our review playthrough we discovered these reward a unique selection of legendary weapons which you can use to take down any remaining zombies, bosses, and within side quests.

On top of this, of course, within the endgame, everything else is playable still. This includes all the other tasks. You can also unlock any remaining weapon crates, secret rooms, and find collectibles scattered around the Dead Island 2‘s different maps. So there is no need to worry if you are close to completing all the Dead Island 2 missions.

It definitely isn’t the most robust or deep endgame we have seen from a game this year or likely will. But, at least these extra quests are quite plentiful and the rewards, the various Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons, do provide you with some tools that you can stick with during those final hours.

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Beyond the endgame, you can also begin again, select one of the Dead Island 2 characters and try out a whole different playstyle. You can also create a variety of builds using the different characters that each play into their specialities or weapon types that suit their skills best.