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CSGO Steam Charts reveal outstanding record break for Valve FPS

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is enjoying astonishing rises in players ahead of Counter-Strike 2, as the Valve FPS breaks one of its own records on PC.

CSGO steam charts

With over a decade having passed since CSGO welcomed avid FPS players into its iconic maps, the Valve shooter is still going strong thanks to an ironclad esports scene and passionate followers. Now, with Counter-Strike 2 set to give the popular multiplayer game a fresh coat of paint, CSGO is experiencing an incredible surge of players on Steam – helping it to break one of its own records.

Steam Charts confirms the addition of a new accolade for CSGO, taking its concurrent player count up to a staggering all-time peak of 1,818,773 on May 6, 2023. If you’ve been tracking the game over the last year or so, you’ll note that CSGO has been sitting in the area of 1.5 million concurrent players for some time, continually attempting to defy that number. That increase marks an estimated 300,000 players hopping into the Valve FPS within the course of 24 hours.

Passing on the news of this record break, the official Counter-Strike 2 Twitter account marks the occasion with nothing more than a celebratory gif of WWE legend Randy Savage donning his Macho crown.

CSGO Steam Charts Concurrent Players record

Compared to the likes of competitors such as Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and Rainbow Six Siege, it appears that CSGO is absolutely crushing them all when it comes to consistently high playerbase numbers on PC. The game is set to keep up this level of momentum, at least for now, as the CSGO experience as we know will transform with the arrival of the Counter-Strike 2 release date.

Though the Counter-Strike 2 servers suffered a brief server problem recently, the Counter-Strike 2 beta is already becoming a hit with players lucky enough to get their first taste of Valve’s shooter overhaul. Through a series of previews and streams from creators, we’ve already seen many of the Counter-Strike 2 maps – and there are some brilliant ones getting the makeover treatment.

If you’re wondering whether Counter-Strike 2 is free-to-play or if Counter-Strike 2 is confirmed for PS5, we’ve got you covered as we approach a tantalizing new era for some of the best FPS games available in 2023.