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Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PS5 and PS4 consoles?

It's time for a new era of Counter-Strike, but could that mean that Valve blesses console players with a CS2 PS5 or PS4 port? Here's the latest.

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PS5 and PS4: Player holding a sniper in Counter-Strike 2

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PS5 and PS4? The major upcoming update to Counter-Strike Global Offensive is big enough to change the name, but will PlayStation players finally get to see what the hype is about?

CS2 is one of the best free shooting games out there, but the Counter-Strike series is one that has, for the most part, stayed away from the console market. Many PS4 or PS5 owners will be wishing for the day they can climb the CS2 ranks or pick out the best CS2 crosshair codes for the perfect flicks, but will that day ever come?

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PS5 and PS4?

It’s unlikely that Counter-Strike 2 will ever see a release on PS5 and PS4, and will remain exclusively. In fact, Counter-Strike hasn’t been on PlayStation in over a decade.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive saw a day one release on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, alongside the PC version we’ve come to love. However, the game wasn’t ported to PS4 or Xbox One, and neither console platform has had a CS game since.

CS2, and the general nuances of Counter-Strike, have now become deeply molded in the PC platform. Finding the best CS2 binds and CS2 settings has become a fine, PC-centric art, and the gameplay isn’t all that easy to replicate on consoles where a controller will be the input of choice.

Counter-Strike 2 new features

Counter-Strike 2 is a major overhaul and upgrade for Counter-Strike Global Offensive that offers smokes that react to the game world, improved maps, and more.

However, the most interesting feature is the fact that tick rate no longer matters. Servers are now more responsive than ever, knowing the exact moment you and other players perform actions.

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If you’ve played Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you’ll know items are pretty important. Luckily, all of your items move to Counter-Strike 2. That fancy AWP skin you spent all of your money on? It’s still yours. Valve is yet to announce more details before the update releases.

Now you know that Counter-Strike 2 isn’t coming to PS5 and PS4 just yet, you can get back to playing your other games until more news comes. Make sure to check out the best PS5 FPS games if you want a great shooter to play right now. If you’re going to jump into CS2 on PC, be sure to check out all the CS2 console commands you can use.