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Counter-Strike 2 matchmaking is dead and only FPS dev Valve knows why

Valve has shut down CS2's matchmaking servers overnight and, without a reason why, it could mean a major update is coming to the PC FPS game.

Counter-Strike 2 beta matchmaking servers shut down: an image of a player from the PC FPS game

It looks like the Counter-Strike 2 matchmaking servers have been shut down overnight and no one can work out why. Valve hasn’t shared anything online through any official channels and, despite this FPS’ playerbase being left scratching their heads, there’s a faction of fans that seem to think a major update – or something even more exciting – is on the way to Counter-Strike 2.

If you log into Counter-Strike 2 at the moment, you will find yourself met with the following message – as shared by on the CS2 subreddit by ‘jalalinator‘ earlier:

“Matchmaking Failed. Cannot begin matchmaking because your client is running Counter-Strike beta version, please opt out of Counter-Strike beta version and restart”.

Now, we don’t know about you, but that does seem to suggest that a rather significant update to Counter-Strike 2 – perhaps the game’s full release – is on the way. However, no one has been able to get back into Counter-Strike 2 to verify this just yet. You can see for yourself, in the comments of the Reddit threat below, that no one really knows what to expect.

Revoked Access to Source 2?
by u/jalalinator in GlobalOffensive

Of course, beta testing periods come to an end. However, the abrupt nature of the shutting down of Counter-Strike 2’s matchmaking servers is what’s driving conversation. While we don’t think a complete full release is on the way, we could be looking forward to a major update to the client and the game on offer. It is, after all, important to remember that this is something of a Limited Test – even if Counter-Strike 2 feels like a fully-developed title ready for launch. Only time will tell – and, hopefully, some transparency from Valve as to what’s going on.

We know it’s controversial, but we really do think that Counter-Strike 2 is everything Warzone 2 needed to be for the Call of Duty franchise. If Valve can take advantage of this shooter’s potential, it could quite easily become one of the best competitive FPS games out there; but, we’ll have to wait and see for that. We don’t know if we’re getting a new Counter-Strike 2 release date soon – but we might. Isn’t that exciting?