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Counter-Strike 2 Inferno map remake is already proving to be a problem

Counter-Strike 2 delivers graphical overhauls to fan favorite CSGO maps, but fans of the competitive Valve FPS are showing concerns toward CS2's Inferno remake.

Counter Strike 2 inferno map remake

The FPS community is eager to get stuck into Counter-Strike 2, which promises to bring a bombardment of improvements to the current CSGO experience. While the Counter-Strike 2 release date isn’t here just yet, glimpses of the revamped shooter are emerging, including a look at Inferno – a fan-favorite arena to battle in.

Discovered within the game’s files by players lucky enough to be invited to the Counter-Strike 2 beta, Redditor ‘iMarbot’ claims to have images of the Inferno remake. Included within several refined Counter-Strike 2 maps, the reception to Inferno’s fresh face is positive – though players are worried that changes to A site could prove to be worrying in-game.

“Wow, [the] stairs on graveyard [are] completely opened up. [This] could affect teams going for retakes on A,” says Redditor ‘Zoradesu’. In response, Counter-Strike fan ‘_Hamodaa’ believes that “finally making it easier to clear A site on retake” is a great addition to the Inferno remake.

Others like ‘Flimsy_Agent7898’ say the changes to the A site “will still serve as a good angle to be able to hold because it will allow [for] so many more possible setups.” Though the iMarbot doesn’t make mention of any specific filenames, the screenshots depict Inferno’s distinctly European architecture shines through, with a new layer of graphical sheen.

New CS2 Inferno?
by u/iMarbot in GlobalOffensive

Even though Inferno still appears to retain areas like the Church, Ruins, Construction, and T-Spawn, callouts for the map will likely be scrapped as players get acquainted with it. It is unconfirmed whether this is the final version of the map to be present at the game’s launch, but it will be interesting to see how the alleged Dota 2-style announcers comment on the action.

As you can see above, B site now boasts a gorgeous re-design, including a completely rebuilt fountain occupying its center space. Inferno is often cited as a difficult map to emerge victorious within, so the drastic changes to A site may be an attempt to balance gameplay going forward.

Counter-Strike 2 has the potential to be one of the best FPS games releasing in 2023, so if you’re wondering about the Counter-Strike 2 PS5 release or Counter-Strike 2 Xbox release – we’ve got you covered.