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Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to Xbox consoles?

For those hoping to see a CS2 Xbox port in the future, here's everything we know about whether Valve's tactical shooter could grace your console in the future.

Counter-Strike 2 Xbox Release: A player can be seen using an Assault rifle

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to Xbox consoles? This question has been on console players’ minds since Counter-Strike 2 was announced. Some of a certain age may remember the original CSGO releasing on consoles, but since then, things have been largely PC-focused. So, could CS2 change things and be released on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One?

Just picture it – you’re wielding the best CS2 weapons, navigating the gorgeous reworked CS2 maps, and climbing the CS2 ranks all with your Xbox controller in hand. While that sounds great, sadly, the chances of Counter-Strike 2 joining the lineup of the best free shooting games on Xbox are very slim.

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to Xbox consoles?

A CS2 Xbox console port has not been announced by Valve, and the likelihood if it ever coming to a console platform is low. CSGO, and now CS2, are suited to mouse and keyboard gameplay, which doesn’t resonate with consoles.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive saw a day one release on Xbox 360 all those years ago, but eventually support dropped off and the game never made its way to Xbox One. Valve also hasn’t shown any support for consoles in recent years, so we’d be massively surprised if we ever saw CS2 come to Xbox (or PlayStation for that matter). Sorry if we’ve just dashed your dreams of pulling CS2 skins from the comfort of your living room sofa.

Counter-Strike 2 new features

Counter-Strike 2 brings a huge wave of new features and improvements including sub-tick updates for servers. Precise actions between ticks have also been implemented. In addition, there are now dynamic smoke grenades, filling areas with volumetric 3D blooms. All players also now see the same bloom and it reacts to lighting and grows to fill spaces naturally.

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A number of visual improvements have also been made to existing maps like Dust2. Italy and other maps have also seen large reworks or redesigns to allow them to fit the Source 2 engine and tools.

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Thankfully, one of the aspects of the game that will be preserved is all your skins. Your CS:GO skins will transfer over to Counter-Strike 2. They will also get a number of visual enhancements and upgrades thanks to the improvements being made.

That covers if Counter-Strike 2 is coming to Xbox consoles. For even more on the game, check out the best CS2 crosshair codes for ultimate precision, and learn some of the CS2 console commands that you can use to tweak the game.