Valve pops shots at Valorant with “CS:GO killer” Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 developer Valve has comically adopted the "CS:GO Killer" title from Riot Games' Valorant with the announcement of the FPS game's sequel.

Counter-Strike 2 CS:GO killer title twitter Valorant: a man with a gas mask from the fps game

Counter-Strike 2 is real, and Valve has taken a sly dig at Riot Games and Valorant with it’s Twitter bio. Why? Well, because, it seems all-but-confirmed now that the only thing that can challenge CS:GO’s dominance in this genre is – well – another Counter-Strike game. If you’re not sure what we’re on about, allow us to explain.

If you’re someone who has managed to play Valve’s CS:GO and Riot Games’ Valorant, you’ll know that they’re more similar than they might first appear. We know there’s a Valorant Agent tier list to consider, with characters in-game offering unique gameplay abilities to players, but the core gameplay mechanics are more-or-less identical.

So, that’s why Valorant – throughout 2020, prior to the Valorant release date and beyond – it was talked about as a ‘CS:GO killer’. You only have to google the term to find countless examples of articles and YouTube videos debating this fact. For a while, we admit, it did look as though Valorant was something of an improvement on CS:GO – somewhere the game’s players could go to find an alternative to what was one of the best competitive FPS games out there.

However, as time has now told us, this was not the case – and Valve’s FPS has stood the test of time, until it’s long-awaited sequel.

Of course, this period was not without its ups and downs. However, when you consider the fact that over a million CS:GO players flocked to the FPS for its’ tenth anniversary – and the popularity of the esports scene attachted to it – it’s hard to deny that this game’s fans aren’t tenacious in their support.

So, that’s why, as you can see below, Valve has adopted the moniker of “CS:GO killer” from it’s once-assumed rival Riot Games. Nothing can really kill CS:GO, except Counter-Strike 2. We know the new Counter-Strike 2 logo has CS:GO fans doing trigonometry

Counter-Strike 2 CSGO killer title Twitter Valorant: an image of the CSGO Twitter bio

Counter-Strike 2 is going to be the game you know and love, but improved in more ways than one. You can see how Valve is “levelling up the world” with refreshed maps right here:

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If you want to know how one of The Loadout played a part in getting Italy removed from CS:GO – a map that’s making it’s return as one of the Counter-Strike 2 maps – you can here. We also have everything you need to know about whether Counter-Strike 2 is free to play and whether your CS:GO skins transfer to Counter-Strike 2.

We know Valve still has a lot of work to do when it comes to this sequel and the revival of the Counter-Strike series, but this is certainly shaping up to be an excellent start. You can also find out how to access and play the Counter-Strike 2 beta here, if you want to see what it’s like for yourself.