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Bioshock Infinite meets Fallout in new Xbox RPG Clockwork Revolution

InExile Entertainment has just revealed Clockwork Revolution, a steampunk Xbox RPG that draws on Bioshock Infinite and Fallout that focuses on time travel.

Clockwork Revolution Time Travel: a robot with his arms behind his back from the Xbox RPG

2023’s Xbox Games Showcase is jam-packed with great announcements and ‘world premiere’ reveals. With Payday 3 getting the gang back together for Xbox Games Pass and confirmation that an iconic Star Wars universe actor is joining the cast of new-announcement Star Wars Outlaws, there’s a lot going on. However, Xbox Game Studios’ InXile Entertainment also revealed Clockwork Revolution – a steampunk RPG that looks set to combine the aesthetic and atmosphere of games like Bioshock Infinite with the RPG gameplay of Fallout. Yeah, Clockwork Revolution is one of all those upcoming Xbox games worth keeping an eye on – and, it could be one of the best Xbox games we got a glimpse of during the Xbox Games Showcase.

As mentioned above, Clockwork Revolution is going to be a steampunk RPG – and the name is certainly fitting of the aesthetic on show. As you can see for yourself below, everything about the world being presented to us in this in-engine trailer is screaming ‘technologically advanced victorian-era environment’ – and, the same goes for the equipment too.

At around the one-minute mark, you can see a steam-powered revolver and some sort of rifle. With gold-gilded headresses and stovepipe hats atop every gentleman’s head, this could be a lot of fun for fans of this genre.

Oh, and it’s also sort of about time travel. So, yeah, isn’t quite your average steampunk adventure. Discovering an incredible invention that lets you travel into the past, you can “control the future” and dictate the direction this society travels by travelling back to key moments in its’ past. The butterfly effect will be in full-force here and it sounds like it could be something that causes the characters you meet to act in “unprecedented ways”.

What does that mean? We just don’t know for sure. But, if you want to check all of this out for yourself ahead of the Clockwork Revolution release date, you can below:

YouTube Thumbnail

What makes this game interesting is that InXile Entertainment are primarily known for developing the Wasteland series. These are fantastic isometric RPG games, so we’re confident that Clockwork Revolution will deliver there. However, this new reveal is a first-person title – which is a completely different genre of game. Of course, we’re sure the developer is prepared to deliver something spectacular, but it’s certainly something that could make this game a little more unique than we’re giving it credit for.

Is this going to be the best Xbox RPG games out there when it drops? Well, we don’t know for sure. You might not think that it’s going to be one of the best games of time, especially with the Starfield release date on the horizon, but it’s certainly going to be something worth keeping an eye out for.