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Clockwork Revolution release date speculation, gameplay

Find out when InXile's next RPG is arriving with when we think the Clockwork Revolution release date is based off the gameplay and trailer we have seen.

Clockwork Revolution Release Date: A robot can be seen

When is the Clockwork Revolution release date? InXile is back with a long-awaited first-person RPG. Clockwork Revolution is an ambitious, interesting experience with a unique world that appears to be pulling from a number of other steampunk worlds.

But, when can you expect to play it? Clockwork Revolution will be InXile’s second Game Pass day-one launch after Wasteland 3. But, this looks fascinating and explores a brand new location for the studio which has spent its time in the post-apocalyptic era for a while. As such we expect it to be one of the best RPGs when it finally releases.

Clockwork Revolution release date speculation

We speculate the Clockwork Revolution release date will be in 2025 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, as well as being a Game Pass launch on day one. The reveal trailer didn’t end with a window, so it suggests it is still a while away.

Clockwork Revolution gameplay

The first gameplay trailer for Clockwork Revolution showed off what we can expect from the first-person RPG. The expansive steampunk world looks like a great mix of Fallout, Bioshock Infinite, and more. You can see it below:

YouTube Thumbnail

That covers what we know about the upcoming expansive RPG from InXile. The Clockwork Revolution release date is still a while away but we have no doubt it will end up on the best Xbox RPGs list and best Xbox Game Pass games list.