Warzone’s latest update is bringing back bits of Verdansk for Vondel

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update is almost here and Call of Duty has confirmed that the new Vondel Gulag is going to feel familiar to PS5 and Xbox players.

Warzone Vondel Gulag Season 4: an image of Black Noir from The Boys and the Gulag

Okay, we all know how this works by now – right? Call of Duty fans don’t have to wait too long between updates and the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded release date is just-about upon us. Why is this good news for Warzone players? Well, aside from the fact that three of Vought’s finest from Prime Video’s The Boys series are joining the fight, a little bit of Verdansk is making its way back to the battle royale. In fact, a Warzone Vondel Gulag is coming and it’s something Verdansk veterans will know all too well.

Ahead of the Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 Reloaded update release date, which drops simultaneosly to the Warzone update, Call of Duty has confirmed that a traditional battle royale playlist is coming to Vondel – and that means it’s also getting its very-own Gulag. Can you see where we’re going with this one?

Discussing this part of the update in this blog post, Call of Duty explains that “Vondel has a dedicated Gulag at mid-season launch, as the wine cellar and dungeon beneath the Castle have been cleared and there are way too many Operators thinking they can take that second chance for granted”. You might want to use your best Warzone loadouts in-game, but they won’t help you here.

“At its core, this Gulag is a three-lane map designed for 1v1 combat… This might feel familiar, and it should. It appears the architects responsible for Vondel’s Gulag took inspiration from a certain Prison Complex showers”.

If you want a look at the new Vondel Gulag, you can find that below:

Warzone Vondel gulag Season 4: an image of the map in question

What does this actually mean, though? Well, it means that the layout of this new Gulag is going to be very similar to the layout of the original Gulag – which is, perhaps, the best Gulag we’ve seen. The original Verdansk Gulag was based on the shower block under the Prison POI and it looks like – although it will visually be different – Vondel’s new Gulag is going to replicate that.

Vondel’s battle royale playlist will see up to 72 players drop into the smaller-scale map with all the rules you’d expect from a Warzone battle royale mode. So, while you will be able to fight for a second chance in the Gulag, you’re going to need to make sure you have your best Warzone weapons to hand if you want to win. We know we said we think MW2 should embrace its past with classic guns in future updates, and we still think that, but we’ll take a cheeky Gulag throwback for the time being.