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Don’t forget about the new Warzone perks poised for Season 1

Warzone Season 1 isn't far away now, and as we prepare for a fresh Warzone meta to emerge, these new Warzone perks could be vital for winning.

Warzone Season 1 new perks

Emerging as the best squad in Warzone doesn’t come without a bit of sweat and skill. There will be plenty of both when Warzone Season 1 arrives soon, bringing the new Warzone map Urzikstan into the fray. As well as getting a chance to deploy the latest array of Call of Duty weapons in the fresh locale, we anticipate to see a potential rollout of new Warzone perks that could drastically change your play style.

We’re all trying to achieve perfection when it comes to the best Warzone loadouts, and if these rumors come to fruition, you might just get close enough. Joining the ever-changing Warzone meta, Call of Duty news account ‘Detonated’ claims that Warzone Season 1 will see the addition of 3 new perks, which they describe as follows:

  • Shrouded – Drop a smoke grenade when downed  
  • Irradiated – Move faster and take less damage in Gas
  • Resolute – Increased movement speed when damaged

Shrouded may ring a bell for those of you who played Call of Duty Vanguard, as this perk has appeared with a different function in the past. Rather than acting as a new version of Martyrdom, Shrouded instead reduces scope glint in the Sledgehammer Games shooter. This could be equipped to your preferred sniper of choice, and with Sledgehammer Games acting as the main driving force behind Warzone’s current accompanying experience (Modern Warfare 3), it makes sense to see it return in a new form. And as Vanguard was hardly one of the best FPS games in the franchise, retrofitting some of its features is a re-occurring theme for the latest era of COD.

Warzone Season 1 leaks perks

Irradiated seems like a useful perk for endgame movements around the map, or those risky player revives that we’ve all done before. Yes, we felt like a hero for staving off the gas, escorting our fallen teammate back to safety. This perk will likely lead to some intense plays, as players attempt to outlive their enemies by using the gas as cover.

Lastly, we have Resolute, which feels like it could be a perfect pairing with something like High Alert. It is unclear which slots these perks fit into, but Resolute could quickly become a popular choice for players who love to exploit the movement system in Call of Duty games. Expect to see a lot more sliding and drop-shotting happening as a result.

Activision is yet to issue a Warzone Season 1 blog post, but as this perk leak is also corroborated by reliable COD reporter ‘CharlieINTEL’, we speculate that Season 1 will the ideal time to debut them in Urzikstan.

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