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Getting Warzone’s new Black Ops 6 blueprint is easier than you think

Prepare for the Black Ops 6 showcase in June with this awesome Sally weapon blueprint, which is super easy to unlock in Warzone right now.

Warzone Black Ops 6 Sally Blueprint: An image of Captain Price and the Sally blueprint in Warzone.

Warzone weapon blueprints can range from top tier annihilators to pointless duds, but this Black Ops 6 teaser blueprint definitely isn’t the latter. You add the free weapon skin to your arsenal right now, but it gets even better. Call of Duty fans will barely have to grind for it on Xbox and PS5, especially if you find some generous teammates.

Ahead of the upcoming Call of Duty Direct presentation at next month’s Xbox showcase, you can drop into Warzone for a limited-time reward that calls back to the first ever Black Ops game. Not only is it one of the best FPS games in the series, but it also gave us the debut of ‘Sally’, an iconic iteration of the Colt 1911 sidearm seen all over the game’s artwork. There are two key methods to attaining it, completely free of charge.

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You can either find the weapon in loot boxes around the battle royale game’s map, whether that is in Urzikstan or Rebirth Island, and in any playlist in Warzone. So if you’re a Plunder fan, you’re all set. Once you find it, make sure you get at least one kill with the akimbo pistols, and you’ll have the blueprint added to your Gunsmith arsenal after the game. Yet, there is an even easier method than that.

As noted by YouTuber ‘dkdynamite’ at 3:40, if one of your friends has the Sally blueprint equipped in one of their best Warzone loadouts, then all they need to do is drop it for you in-game. Pick it up, get your kill, and hey presto, it’s yours. Of course, you can then do the same for your squad mates – make sure you’re spreading the love. Once it is unlocked, you can also take it over to Warzone’s parent game, Modern Warfare 3, whether you’re hopping into MW3 multiplayer or MW3 Zombies.

The blueprint takes me back to a simpler time for the franchise, before complicated menus and an axed COD Zombies standalone game. Specifically, playing Kino der Toten until stupid o’clock in the morning, desperately trying not to open the alleyway door in high rounds. The formidable duo of Mustang and Sally were tons of fun to use, and maybe they’ll make a return in the next iteration of Zombies.

Until then, you can look forward to the all-but-confirmed debut of Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass, and if you’re looking for a different multiplayer game to try out, then XDefiant’s launch is just mere days away – it’ll be missing an awesome mode, though.